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Myths Category

The Story of Kwan Yin

Kwan YinIn the Buddhist religion a bodhisattva is a person that has foregone their entry in to heaven (or as the Buddhist refers to it as nirvana.) They have instead chosen to return to earth for another incarnation so that they can guide less spiritually evolved people. Any person can become a bodhisattva if they have remarkable status as a healer, sage or teacher. The bodhisattva who according to Mahayana Buddhism is known as a “future Buddha” embarks on a mission to share wisdom and good karma with those less fortunate than themselves, This is done out of a selfless love and compassion.


Saint George, the dragon slaying Patron of England

Today, 23rd April, is the day that we get to celebrate our Patron Saint of England, Saint George…the legendary dragon slayer. The Patron SaintsFlag of England carry both facts and myths around with them, but like most, we prefer to consider the myths to be true. It makes celebrating the day more meaningful and superior.

Here is some information about Saint George. To start with, there are sources out there suggesting the he wasn’t born an Englishman, just like Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish. Saint George was born into a Christian family around 270 A.D. and later became a Roman soldier in Palestine. With his strong Christian beliefs, it led our honourable hero into some serious trouble. Saint George preached and protested against Emperor Diocletian, his leader, who led Rome’s persecution of Christians. He was later tortured and eventually dragged through the streets to be beheaded. Saint George fought for what he believed in, which is probably why he is so respected today, but when you think of our Patron Saint, what’s the first thing that you think of? Brave? Courageous? Heroic? Or a dragon? (more…)