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Mind Category

Love of Wisdom

Wise OwlLove of wisdom is the meaning behind the word ‘Philosophy’. In order to gain wisdom, you must have an enquiring mind and seek answers to your questions. These questions need not be complicated, although sometimes the great questions of our time feel short and simple when asked but the answers are in fact often very complicated indeed – a bit like life really.

Of course in times of trouble many of us seek answers from psychics, and often the question is straightforward – Do they really love me? Are they the one? Will we be together forever? But of course the outcome of those questions can alter the direction of our lives forever…

Any parent will know how enquiring a child’s mind is, especially when they reach that – ‘but why’ phase! But as we age we generally become less engaged and accept what we are told/know to be true. Sometimes this can be because in our heart of hearts we know something, but don’t wish to face it – so it easier to ignore the problem and not ask too many questions… (more…)

Positive Affirmations

Positive AffirmationsHave you ever found yourself saying things like – ‘knowing my luck’, I’m sorry or I’m afraid…The chances are we all have from time to time, but some of us will be stuck with these go-to thoughts in our heads and they translate their energy to our everyday thinking and living.

But it is possible to free yourself from negative thought patterns, and there is much to gain from doing so – improved self-confidence, an increase in productivity and an enhancement of your psychic and spiritual awareness to name a few…

On a daily basis try to use positive affirmations to reinforce good thoughts into your mind and to distance yourself from negative behaviours, people and situations. (more…)

OCD / Dyslexia, by Paula – PIN: 5454



Hi, my name is Paula and I have worked as a medium for many years, and this is a subject that comes up a lot in many readings that I have done. These subjects affect both adults and children, in some cases people can reach adulthood without being diagnosed and children often get misdiagnosed with behavioural problems. I have found that adults do not like to talk about it as they feel embarrassed and with parents they don’t want to admit that their child has got a problem, but hopefully this can change and people do need to speak out about these disorders.

I have two children with both disorders. I totally believe that you can identify with someone with the same symptoms that they may have shown; speaking to them about this can stop them from feeling odd and alone. I personally call this the silent disorder because it is there but nobody realises until it becomes an issue. (more…)

What do your dreams mean?

DreamsAre you dreaming of Marriage? It may not mean what you think…

If you are unmarried and dream about marrying someone who does not return your affection, you are never likely to have a relationship with them, and that will be to your benefit.

If you dream about watching a wedding; this could be your reflection of your own personal happiness. If however you are unmarried and dream of your own wedding, it could be an indication that you are not altogether happy in your current relationship.

If your dream consists of a commotion at a wedding, it indicates that arguments are on the cards with either your partner or friends. (more…)

Telepathic Communication Proved for the First Time

telepthyThe power of the mind has fascinated scholars and spiritualists for centuries.

While the brain may appear as a tangible, three dimensional object, it is actually a process containing a potentially limitless source of energy and information. Concepts such as telepathy and the possibility of a ‘sixth sense’ are usually observed in the far away realms of science fiction, but a recent experiment carried out by two professors has suggested that mind to mind communication is very much a reality. (more…)

Embrace Positivity to Stay Healthy

Positivity“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We often hear about the power of positive thinking and how much it can do for our lives.

Positive thinking not only has the ability to relieve stress and bring us happiness, but new research carried out by the University of Queensland has now revealed that a positive attitude can improve the immune system and could even increase your lifespan.

There’s no doubt about the powerful benefits that come with positive thinking, but we understand that at times it can be easier said than done. (more…)

How to Maximise August 2014

Maximise AugustAugust is a powerful month for spiritual healing and regeneration.

For children August means a break from schoolwork and studies, but for the rest of us August can be a great chance for a spiritual time out. There is something about the changed pace of the month that makes it easier to dedicate time to spiritual growth and fulfilment. For some, the longer, lighter days invite reflection, whilst for others taking a trip or holiday allows for heightened sensitivity, making August the perfect time (more…)

Morning Rituals to Make Your Day Better

Today is here, and it is not simply preparation for tomorrow. Today is the main event.

How you start each and every day can have a huge effect on how the rest of you day will unfold, so why not make it great? We believe that waking up with a positive attitude is essential to starting your day with a smile so read on for simple rituals that can help make your day better.

1) Meditate – Spend a few moments in the quiet of each and every morning in prayer or meditation. Most of us begin every day with our heads buzzing with the hundreds of things we have to do that day, so it will take a lot of commitment to spend time completely clearing your mind. It doesn’t have to (more…)

Numerology – Life Path 4 The Builder

Determined, intelligent, and practical, those with the Life Path 4 can count themselves as ‘The Builder.’

If Your Birthday Adds to a 4, for example: January 29th, 1954

1, 29, 1954

1+29+1954= 1984

1+9+8+4= 22

2+2= 4

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 4

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous post ‘introduction to numerology’). (more…)

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Now that spring is well and truly upon us many of us will be reaching for the mops, dusters and bin bags in a bid to make our homes sparkle.

While it’s important to clear the mess and clutter that surrounds us at home once in a while, how about considering a little spring-cleaning for the soul this year?

Have you spent the best part of this year with a negative attitude, harbouring past grudges or surrounded by toxic people? If so, it may be a sign that you need to pull up your sleeves and cleanse out the negativity from your life. (more…)