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Halloween Category

Halloween – Traditions from Around the World

HalloweenIn many places around the world, today marks the celebration of Halloween.

From trick or treating to pumpkin carving and fancy dress costumes, Halloween is observed in a surprising variety of different ways. In some countries, huge festivals take place, while in others the celebration is marked through more sedate, religious customs.

We take a look at some of the most interesting traditions worldwide. (more…)

Why are pumpkins part of Halloween?

PumpkinsThe traditional colours of red and green are always associated with Christmas, just as much as the familiar black and orange pumpkin colours are associated with Halloween, but why are pumpkins part of Halloween celebrations? To answer this we need to go right back to the how Halloween started, although it is traditionally an American holiday that some may say has been over commercialised it was actually Irish immigrants that first took Halloween to America. Over 700,000 of them were displaced due to the potato famine in the nineteenth century. Part of the Irish Halloween celebrations was the Jack O Lantern, which was traditionally carved from a turnip, potato or beet. (more…)