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Easter Category



Easter is another key date that is celebrated in the Christian calendar. Unlike Christmas Day, when the event is celebrated on the 25th December every year, Easter Day is dependent on the full moon between the 22nd March and 25th April. This isn’t just a one-day celebration; it is a seven-day event, with the key days being Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and of course Easter Sunday.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday has been and gone, but plays a significant part in Holy Week as it is when Jesus arrived on a donkey to Jerusalem and palm branches were being thrown at him. Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter, which is coincidently today and was Jesus’ last super with his Apostles, before his crucifixion. This is when Jesus broke some bread, handed it to his disciples and said “this is my body which is given for you”. Red wine was also shared between the Apostles and was a symbol of Jesus’ blood. Both the bread and the red wine are iconic symbols and represent the Holy Communion we know today. (more…)

The Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate


Easter has just passed – but maybe you still have a house full of chocolate? If so, you may not need to feel so guilty about indulging in your favourite treats, as chocolate has some surprising health benefits.

I’m not suggesting that you eat 100g of chocolate in one go, although it wouldn’t be difficult to do with an Easter Egg! But the average size block bar of chocolate contains 100g and with that quite a few nutrients needed for every day health: (more…)

March Calendar

March 20181st – St David’s Day

St David is of course the patron saint of Wales, the 1st celebrates both the life of the saint and Welsh culture, but interestingly the saint is also celebrated in Canada and the USA. Not that much is known about St David, it is thought he lived to be 100, but texts about him only appeared 500 years later. So, some of his story may be true, others may just be legends. He was known to have founded several churches and a monastery, and he went on to become an archbishop, eventually he was canonised.

2nd – Full Moon – Worm Moon

At this time of year, a full moon is known as a worm moon, as a result of early Native American tribes seeing this as the time of year that earthworms would appear due to the ground softening. But it also has other names: Full Crow Moon, Full Crust Moon, Full Sap Moon and Lenten Moon. (more…)

Superstitions: Easter

  • Easter CrossOn Palm Sunday (9th April), folk would gather hazel and in some cases would make the hazel twigs into crosses to be blessed by their priest. This plant was gathered specifically to guard against thunder and lightning.
  • In many parts of the UK it is tradition to bake bread on Good Friday (14th April); many do it to protect against fire, but in coastal areas it is to protect against shipwrecks for loved ones working at sea, it is also thought of as a cure for many diseases. Traditionally the baked bread would be hung in the kitchen to keep it dry and from going bad, supposedly it would remain edible for a year without going stale or spoiling.


A Very Chocolatey Easter

Chocolate Easter EggsAnyone that knows me well knows that the way to my heart is through Hotel Chocolat – the boozier and the darker the chocolate the better. But despite eating milk chocolate now on a very rare occasion, if you were raised in the UK you will understand my affection for the Cadbury’s brand. And none more so, than when the shops fill with Easter treats…

It has been a long time since my family has swapped chocolate eggs at Easter, not least because even the smallest of boxed eggs can run to 750 calories, and as a family we are not blessed with super model genes (if you know what I mean). But I would be lying if I said each year I managed to get from New Year’s Day when the first cream egg seems to hit the shelves to April when Easter occurs without buying (and consuming) at least one small Easter Egg! (more…)

Easter – Traditions From Around the World

In many places around the world, today marks the beginning of the Easter weekend.

From chocolate bunnies to egg rolling and street festivals, Easter is observed in a surprising variety of different ways. In some countries, huge processions take place, while in others the religious celebration is marked through more sedate customs.

We take a look at some of the most interesting traditions worldwide.


Easter egg hunts are equally as popular in Germany as they are in the UK, and the custom of boiling and painting eggs actually began in Germany; the bright colours represent the sunlight and growth of the spring. (more…)

Good Friday

Holy CrossThis weekend is Easter weekend and the start of spring is upon us, granted it still feels like the dead of winter with the weather we have been having recently but the seasons are beginning to slowly change. Good Friday is the religious Christian holiday which commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. It is not celebrated in the traditional sense as it is the most solemn day in the Christian calendar. The date of Good Friday always fall’s on last Friday before Easter. This is typically from mid to late march, to mid to late April. The reason Easter a changes every year is due to the traditional western calendar being set by the solar year of 365 days. While the Jewish calendar is set by the lunar cycle which has 354 days and it was with this that the date for Jesus’ resurrection was recorded as being three days before the Jewish Passover. Christians wished to have their Easter at the same time as the Jewish Passover which follows a different calendar and is out of sync with our own calendar. (more…)