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Clairvoyant Category

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Cup, Tea Leaf ReadingThere is no doubt that our fondness for the tea bag has made tea leaf reading or Tasseomancy fall out of favour. But if you want to improve your divination skills then it is a great place to start. You just need some proper loose tea leaves…It goes without saying that it is better to buy a tea that you like the flavour of – but some work really well such as Earl Grey, Oolong, Assam etc. as they have leaves of different sizes that is better for making shapes. Teas such as Jasmine will not work due to containing petals rather than leaves and the same goes for fruit or herbal teas.

Then choose a teapot and a cup & saucer, the cup needs a rounded bowl so that the tea can swirl around the cup and the leaves can stick. It should be a plain cup & saucer so that you can clearly see the pattern the leaves create. The cup should have a handle, and the teapot should not contain a straining element. (more…)

Healing Stones – Rhodonite

February is officially the month of love and romance; so if you are looking for a gemstone to resonate with love and stimulate the heart, choose Rhodonite.

Known as the ‘rescue stone’ Rhodonite promotes self love as well as love towards others.

Surprisingly, the soft pink Rhodonite has been one of the world’s best-kept secrets, managing to slip through history without many accounts on it at all. However, it is agreed that Rhodonite was a favourite amongst Russian Czars, who would wear lavish pieces of jewellery made from the mineral. (more…)

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

woman with crystal ballEvery now and again do you get the feeling of déjà vu? Are you aware of someone’s presence before you have noticed they are even there? Or do you simply sometimes feel your natural instincts come to the surface in certain situations? If yes then ask do you believe these instances are simply coincidences or are they examples of something more profound taking place?

It is thought that each and every one of us is born with psychic abilities but perhaps have not yet learnt to understand or practise them. There are many different ways you can train and enhance your natural ESP but the first step is to accept it and acknowledge that it exists. Tell yourself each day that you do have psychic intuition and your positivity will have a great impact on developing your gift. It takes time for your conscious and subconscious to communicate with each other fluently, so be patient as you practise. (more…)

Extrasensory Perception ESP

PerceptionThere are five traditional senses: sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch these have always been the way in which we have experienced our world. Extrasensory perception or ESP is information gained from beyond these five senses directly in the mind. Psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance are described as being extrasensory perceptions. These fall in to two types; precognition and retro cognition. Precognition is the ability to see something before it has happened where as retro cognition is the ability to see things that have happened in the past. These are often called the sixth sense or have been known as English idioms as gut instinct or a hunch. (more…)

What to expect from a psychic/medium reading

BookIf you are reading this then it is highly likely that you have never had a psychic reading before and are interested in what your should expect and what it is going to be like. To get the most out of a psychic or medium reading you will need to be able to connect with your psychic or medium and have good communication. Telephone readings may put you off because you are not able to see the psychic giving you a reading but actually it is your ability to open up to your psychic which is the most important factor, a good psychic such as all of the psychics at Best Mediums will be able to make a connection with you during your reading. (more…)

Show me your Aura

Have you ever looked at someone you know or a stranger and wondered what they’re thinking, or what mood they are in? Have you looked deepAura enough so you able to see a beam of coloured lights reflecting off that person? Don’t worry if you have, you’re not seeing things that you shouldn’t! It is a strong possibility that you could be seeing another persons’ Aura.

In the book Living Rainbows: Develop Your Aura Sight, by Gabriel Hudson Bain, an aura is described as a form of energy that we radiate from our feelings, thoughts and physical being. Most authors who specialise in this area, all refer to auras as being a luminous electromagnet from an energy field, which surrounds all living things (Richard Webster, The Complete Book of Aura’s: Learn to see, Read, Strengthen and Heal Auras). Some Clairvoyants realised that a person’s aura is continuous and can change depending on their mood, emotions, health, mental state and level of spiritual awareness. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen an aura before, here are a few simple steps into how this can be achieved.

Mark Smith wrote a book about Auras and how you can see them (Auras see them in only 60 seconds). Here they are: (more…)


The term clairvoyant is synonymous with Psychics for most people. The term clairvoyance means literally “one who sees clearly”. But over the centuries this term could cover soothsayers from Biblical days to modern day psychics. It is always used in a fortune telling context. From days of old everyone from Kings and leaders to peasants has wanted to know their future. Whether it is the outcome of a battle, the road from rags to riches or finding the true love or “soul-mate” of their life!

Clairvoyants use a number of methods to foresee someone’s future. Some “sense within” what is going to happen, or call on their angels or guides to help them. Others use psychometry, holding on to an item that belongs to the person, such as a watch or ring and pick up messages and images. Others claim they hear the voices of their guides, their angels or their ancestors which tell them the future. (more…)