Plan International LogoThe whole ethos of Psychic Light and its sister companies Psychic Sight and Best Mediums is in providing advice, guidance and support in folk’s time of need. So it is no surprise that in their charitable endeavours they choose to financially support children in need living in some of the poorest countries across Africa, Central & South America and Asia.

The Psychic Light group began in the year 2000, and in that same year the Directors began sponsoring children through the charity Plan International, over time as the company grew they sponsored more children.

At the beginning was Jose

One of the first children they sponsored was a little boy called Jose who was just two years old at the time, and so it is with great pleasure that Plan have now advised us that having come of age and graduated at 18 he will be moving forward in the world as an adult that no longer needs financial support from the charity, but he and his family will still benefit from all of the development within the community. (more…)