Turning to angel Phuel makes sense when you are feeling stuck, or as if things are happening to you, and you are spinning rather than being in control. As an angel Phuel deals with life flow, keeping us moving forward, but at the same time learning every now and again – that it’s okay to not have a plan, and to let some situations unravel and evolve naturally. Rather than always worrying, and then trying to orchestrate an outcome. Let Phuel’s energy cleanse over you and your emotions, clearing away negative vibrations. Leaving you more care-free, gaining back a child-like innocence and feeling fearless.


If you are struggling with your spirituality, then Raziel is a perfect angel to turn to. This angel’s gifts are clairvoyance, spiritual awakening and esoteric understanding. Turning to Raziel will strengthen your ability to tune into and more importantly trust your own intuition. You have inner-wisdom that answers the situations your find yourself in, but maybe you are struggling with negative thoughts or past experiences. Often Raziel is depicted holding or is surrounded by geometric symbols, and as such it is quite possible that you will receive messages from this angel in a more unusual form, perhaps shapes and icons in your minds-eye.


‘Pay it Forward’ is a relatively new term, coined to reference helping someone in the hope that they go on to help someone else as and when they are able. That embodies what Sachiel stands for. This angel does deal in prosperity and money, whether via career, business, investments, even gambling. However, this angel is not in the business of making individuals wealthy in isolation, it is about ensuring that when affluence is gained, this is shared with those less fortunate. Turn to Sachiel alongside the Laws of Attraction principles, to bring abundance into your grasp.