I ChingThe I Ching is sometimes referred to as the Chinese Book of Changes. It is an ancient oracle that was first used around 2852 B.C. and it remains popular as a way of divining the future even now.

The concept is that Yin & Yang and Male & Female energies can be interpreted through 64 Hexagrams. You have probably seen the Hexagrams – a series of broken and unbroken lines, often depicted on coins with a whole in the centre.

The 64 Hexagrams are derived from different combinations using eight Trigrams as a starting point. It is the Trigrams that we are going to explore today.

You may see various names and initial interpretations for the eight Trigrams, so I have tried to list below several variations:


I Ching Trigrams


CH’IEN/Qian – Force/Heaven

This Trigram is considered to be a ‘dragon spirit’ power – that can change shape. It signifies all that is creative as well as strength and potential.

K’UN/Kūn – Field/Earth

Mother Earth, a safe place, even the womb is all this Trigram represents. It signifies an ability to bring forth all of your thoughts and imaginings to reality.

CH’EN/Zhèn - Shake/Thunder

As you might expect from thunder, it is a loud energy, that can be disturbing, and bring about things that have been hidden.

SUN/Xùn – Ground/Wind

This energy is more grounded, the spirit of nature in the form of wood and wind. It’s all about how you grow, as well as how you feel and think.

K’AN/Kan – Gorge/Water

The water flows, so too does our ability to move forward. Our ideas will carry us along, and allow us to take risks.

L’I/Li – Radiance/Fire

This Trigram has a bird shaped energy, but just like the Ch’ien dragon it changes shape. It represents fire, and therefore warmth, as well as light – both physical and metaphorical – awareness!

KEN/Gèn – Bound/Mountain

The energy of the mountain spirit is to start things afresh – new beginnings, but that also means some things must come to an end.


The spirit of rising water, is one of euphoria, exhilaration and ultimately freedom.