Angel HealingMany of us struggle to let go of the past. We seem destined to make the same mistakes, spend a lot of time looking backwards instead of forwards and never find a sense of peace.

There are many different reasons why we cannot let go. For some, an event or hurt caused is too much to forgive. For others what was said or not said is a source of much regret. Sometimes it is easier to idealise the past, than face the present.

If we spend a lifetime reliving past events, and focusing only on what has gone before, then our emotional and spiritual health suffers and our future happiness becomes jeopardised.

It is better to face up to the reality of the past, and anything that is blocking you in your current life. Whether it is an unrealised dream, a health problem, a failed relationship… Acknowledging the past, and seeing it for what it really was, reduces its power over your current situation.

This process can be easier said than done, so creating an Angel Healing Ritual can be helpful.

You will create a circle of angels, to represent your life journey:

  • Have a compass or device that can tell you direction. Sit (preferably on the floor), facing an easterly direction.
  • Embrace the spirit of Bonfire Night and in your minds-eye imagine yourself surrounded by a circle of fire. You can of course create a literal circle with battery tea-lights or similar (something that can create a mood of fire-light without actual flames).
  • When you feel grounded and centred, call upon the first angel to join your circle. When you feel the presence of one, move on to the next, until all four have joined you.

Start with Raphael (East) – you may sense or see a green light and gold aura.

Then – Gabriel (West) – orange light, white aura.

Then – Michael (South) – yellow light, blue aura.

Lastly – Uriel (North) – red light, violet aura.

  • Now, in your minds-eye visualise the Star of David – the symbol for balance and your heart chakra. Then ask your angels for help.
  • Ask for their assistance in letting go of the past.
  • Request their support in building both a positive present and future.
  • Give thanks to the angels.

You should feel the angel’s energies dissipate, and you should feel energised and uplifted to move forward, in a constructive and life-affirming way.

Ref: The Angel Bible, Hazel Raven