Crystals – Unusual Gems for Healing



Chiastolite is sometimes referred to as Andalusite and comes in a number of colours from green, brown, rose or even grey. Another name for this crystal is ‘Cross Stone’, which you understand when you see a picture of it close-up, as it appears to have a cross design running through it.

This is a great gem stone for autumn, as it offers balance to the immune system – highly needed as we go into flu season.

In the past the crystal has been used to protect against curses and ill-wishes. Today it is more likely to be used as a stone of change. If you are experiencing negative feelings like guilt and fear, then this crystal is calming. It will assist in a journey of problem-solving, rather than one of repeating old habits. You will feel more able to look at any problems from an analytical position, rather than one of an emotional standpoint.

This stone is particularly good at attuning with your life-purpose, so you can feel sure in your soul that the decisions you are making are right for your life and path forward.


Unakite is known for its pink-green tones, and is one of the best crystals for psychic insight! It is often used to help a person open their ‘third-eye’, promoting visualisations.

This crystal is particularly helpful when you feel like you are being held back, like certain aspects within your life create road-blocks to moving forward. It is a very healing stone, that allows you to see past experiences for what they are, learn from them, but then let them go.

As a gem stone this offers a gentle energy, that can induce a feeling of calm over the user. As such it is a great choice if someone is recovering from illness.


Thuliteis often called Pink Thulite, although it does come in red, grey, white and rose colours also. It is a delicate looking crystal that packs a powerful punch! If recent events have left you feeling under-confident, and you need to get back a bit of energy and pizazz, then this could be the gem for you.

As a crystal it promotes expression, problem-solving, logic, passion, curiosity and more…

Thulite is a crystal of renewal, it revitalises especially if you are feeling mentally exhausted, you will feel reconnected to your own life-force.

You should be able to better express your romantic feelings, as the stone allows you to combine your logic with feelings of love and lust!