Animal GuidesSpirit Animals, Animal Guides, Power Animals, are all names for creatures that provide energy, guidance and strength when we need it most.

Sometimes, these animals are more from folklore, like Unicorns and other times they are quite exotic like bears or panthers.

Instead today we are going to explore quintessential British countryside animals, that can be just as useful in a crisis.


As you may know Badgers are nocturnal, so it no surprise then that they represent the subconscious. Often these creatures will guide us in our dreams, as opposed to in our waking moments.

They are known for healing, probably due to their connection with woodlands – think plants, trees and herbs that provide medicinal qualities.

Words to associate with the Badger Animal Guide: Courageous, Tenacious and Spiritually strong.

The Badgers message is that it is okay to do your own thing, you must follow your own path. Even though it might feel lonely at times, eventually you will feel great happiness.


The characteristics of a Bee are fleeting and flitting, never staying in one place too long, zig-zagging a path, but being highly productive. It knows when to rest and when to work, when to work alone and when to come together as part of a team. At the end a beautiful product is made.

So, if you are drawn to Bees, it probably means that you are a hard worker, career focused, and goal orientated. Being strong as part of a team is great, but perhaps it is time to let your more creative side flow. You never know what could happen or what magic you could create if you relax a little.

Take heed from the Bee and take periods of rest, you won’t lose your place, and rested people come back ever more motivated and ready to take on new and exciting challenges.


Do you have/take on the characteristics of the Fox? If so, you are likely quick-thinking, persistent, a real problem solver and when needed just a little bit cunning! You understand that not all paths are straightforward, and that patience is rewarded. It is good to stop and smell the roses, so to speak on your journey. Taking time out to enjoy yourself, and to have fun provides renewed enthusiasm for difficult problems and energy for getting through any mundane albeit necessary chores.

You probably always want to be honest and straightforward, but recognise that the world doesn’t always play fair. So, keep your eyes wide open, and adjust your behaviour accordingly. Whilst you might feel sly, occasionally going around a person/problem is the only way.


The horse is the ultimate companion, steady, calm and able to offer beautiful friendship. Calling upon the guidance of a horse gets you a lead, the horse will show you the way to go.

Perhaps in life you have trouble being heard… You may struggle to get your point across, and have been silenced through insecurity. Gain back your power from the grace of the horse. Absorb their energy of quiet determination.

It is time to trust others now, it may be hard to have faith that there are people in your life that are batting in your corner. They love you, and will support you. You don’t always have to be in control – strength is to be gained for those that ask for help when needed.


Of course, we all know that the Owl symbolises wisdom. But you may not realise that they in particular represent Goddesses and female energy and empowerment! They have deep esoteric knowledge, they are dedicated, meditative and deliberate.

Think about the way the Owl can rotate its neck, this is a perfect metaphor for the way it is able to see a problem from all angles, and as such having reviewed all sides, can decide on the right path forward.

An Owl will likely come into focus for you when you have large and important decisions to make. The overriding message, is that you must take yourself out of the busyness of the situation. Only when you have perspective, calm, and can see things clearly – will you know what to do!

Solutions may very well become perfectly clear when you rise above the situation, like an Owl in flight!