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Book Reviews – 4 to choose from:

The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo

Marilyn and David have four children, all daughters raised in the 1970’s, fast-forward to them being adults, and their parents can’t understand why they are not well-adjusted happy people. Each one is struggling in their own way, their difficulties being as unique as they are. But for each of them the overriding struggle is finding a lasting love that lives up to the happy-ever-after their parents have. But things get worse before they get better, one of the daughters gave up a child for adoption, when that person tracks them down it impacts the whole family. The book explores the dynamic and sometimes fraught relationships between parent and child and sibling to sibling.

Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls

Don’t be put off by the title of this book, whilst there are devastating parts, it is a life-affirming book, charting the sometimes tricky path to adulthood, friendships, first-love and the confusion that is family. It’s a highly relatable book that is funny and poignant in equal measure.

A Summer Reunion by Fanny Blake

Amy discovers something terrible that someone close to her has been doing, to put things into perspective and gain much needed grounding time she heads to Mallorca. But who to take with her? Well, Linda, Kate and Jane were best friends a long time ago at school and whilst they have grown apart, Amy thinks now is the perfect time to reach out. But will the reunion prove a success and give them each a second chance at happiness with old friendships reigniting or will secrets be unearthed and old scores get settled?

A Modern Family by Helga Flatland

If you like books that resonate with real life, then you will love this novel about the ultimate dysfunctional family! Family gathers to what they believe is a birthday celebration, only to be told devastating news. This news shocks them to their core, and makes them revaluate everything from their childhoods, to their current relationships. The book deals with regrets, relationships and the complexities of human beings, but ultimately tells a tale, that it is never too late to make a change.

Whatever you read we hope you find the perfect book to get lost in this summer…