Solitude & SilenceThe other day an advert popped up on TV, there is a lake scene, and a circular countdown timer and the advert encourages you to just be calm for 30 seconds. The advert is actually promoting an app called ‘Calm’, the purpose of the app is to aid meditation and sleep. The advert is so successful, as in today’s busy modern world, we find it difficult and a bit uncomfortable to just sit still and quiet for 30 seconds. Hence the need for the app in the first place.

But it is a reminder that we have forgotten how to be still and quiet, and that carving out periods of solitude are seen as selfish and indulgent. But in fact, it is essential for our wellbeing, and highly needed when it comes to our spiritual development and enlightenment.

Pablo Picasso said “Without great solitude no serious work is possible.”


Solitude and Silence are interlinked. Solitude in recent times has been seen rather negatively, something that is forced upon us, a state of being lonely or isolated. When in fact, it is merely a practise of temporarily withdrawing from people and distractions and noise.

Perhaps you used to have moments of in-built solitude to your day, a quiet moment with a cup of tea on getting in from work. A sit on the sofa with a glass of wine once the children were bathed and had gone to bed. When you had a rare moment to take an indulgent bubble bath. That period of time in-between getting into bed and drifting off to sleep.

The problem is that many of us are guilty of multi-tasking. So, quiet moments are now taken up on our phones checking social media updates. A bath is now time to catch up on a book or magazine. Electronic devices have followed us to bed, with many checking emails and watching TV until the small hours of the night.

Practise Makes Perfect

Tapping into your unconscious thoughts and learning to listen to your inner-psychic abilities are much easier when the mind is quiet. Time spent alone, with peaceful contemplation, can allow our intuition to develop and we are much more likely to hear answers to the things that are troubling us. Away from the influence of others, we gain clarity of our own thoughts and feelings.

Start Small

Try to carve out some time for yourself each day, away from other people that gives you some peace and quiet for just a few moments.

You may find that getting out for a walk in nature is helpful.

Perhaps you will find it easier via meditation or yoga.

But as mentioned earlier a simple bath with no distractions will do just as well.

  • Over time you will no doubt look forward to your few minutes of solitude and quiet. Where you can just be in the moment, without the pull of all of the demands on you as a person. Spiritually you should feel rested and rejuvenated.