Dream InterpretationInterpreting dreams is something that can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Egypt, at that point messages received via dreams were believed to be supernatural communications, something that should be considered a ‘divine intervention’.

Of course, today we know that dreams can be a jumble of things that have happened in our day, people we have met, literally our dreams and desires for the future, as well as thoughts our sub-conscious minds are trying to get us to hear.

When you wake up, you may often think to yourself ‘that was a weird dream’, but there are in fact many common components to dreams, that many of us will experience in our lifetime.

Today we will be exploring dreaming about travelling methods:

  • Dreaming about Boats

If you were on a large boat like a ferry or cruise ship and suddenly the boat is rocking heavily and the sea is rough and unstable, then this quite literally symbolises a relationship that is going through a difficult patch with lots of ups and downs.

If, however, your dream was more of a yacht or sailboat gliding along the water, then this represents that you are both content and happy with your life at the moment. That is not to say that you will not experience stress in your life, but overall you are in a very good place.

  • Dreaming about Trains

If in your dream you are travelling by train, the chances are that you are currently being pulled in lots of directions, life is very busy for you just at this moment. It can also symbolise that your mind is working overtime, you are trying to achieve more that the average person.

There is also the possibility of a dream on a train where you feel trapped, you want to get off, but the train doesn’t stop off as normal – you have to wait until the very end and get off at the ‘final destination’. This can be a frightening dream but actually shows that you need to resolve a problem you are facing, once you do you will be released from the stressed and trapped feelings you have been going through.

  • Dreaming about Aeroplanes

Dreaming about planes might not signify what you imagine. If you think about the innovation it takes to get an aeroplane into the sky, then you will understand why plane dreams are more about creativity and new ideas.

Dreaming of flying is often to do with work problems, the dreams are symbolic of the speed at which you move whilst on an aeroplane. If you work in a fast-paced environment or job where things are ever changing, then it may signify that you are finding the demands tough on a day-to-day basis, or that you are frustrated at ideas of yours not taking off. If, however your work environment is much slower in pace, it may mean that really you dream of working somewhere more exciting and you are struggling to feel settled and happy where you currently are.

As you might imagine there is another explanation for dreaming of flying on a plane, and that is to be close to heaven, these dreams usually occur shortly after you have lost a loved one. The dream is compelling you to confront your loss on a spiritual level, so as to let your fears dissipate.