The Magic of TreesAutumn is the perfect time to explore the magic around trees, if you missed the first part of this post then click here first…

That will allow you to explore the Alder (Fearn), Ash (Nuinn), Birch (Beith), Elder (Ruis), Hawthorn (Huathe) and Hazel (Coll) trees.

Holly, Oak, Rowan and Yew:

Holly (Tinne); according to Welsh legend, the Oak and Holly King fought on the 1st May for supremacy. Of course, the Holly King rules the waning period from midsummer to midwinter solstice. Many of us will associate holly with the symbol of Christ, and it is also a popular decoration for Christmas. But originally holly was sacred to the Celts and Celtic God Taranis who would have carried a club made of holly, representing his power as a Thunder Giant.

Oak (Duir); the oak looks after the waxing year, covering midwinter solstice (approx. 21st Dec), to summer solstice and the longest day of the year (21st June). At the midsummer point great fires made from oak would be lit, to represent the power of the sun. The oak tree is also seen as a very spiritual tree, much like the Elder as a realm to fairies and other dimensions. In fact, the doorway to such realms is said to be the space between two oak trees! Their connection to Earth, Heaven and the Underworld is based on embracing realms both above and below ground as the roots of an oak tree are believed to extend underground as far as its branches reach out.

Rowan (Luis), the rowan is sometimes called ‘mountain ash’, ‘quickbeam’ or ‘Tree of Life’ and it is sacred to the moon. It protects against psychic harm, and it is revered for the protection it provides against lightening. The berries from the tree are said to have healing properties, a myth prophesies that they would extend a man’s life by a year. In order to summon spirits, Druids would kindle a fire made from rowan, to protect them in battle.

Yew (Ido); in European countries the yew tree is actually considered to be the tree of death! This association has come about due to the longevity of the tree, with it being able to live to 2000 years or more, along with the fact it is often planted in graveyards. It is a very interesting tree, that essentially rebuilds itself, as it decays a new trunk forms inside of the old one, and new branches grow in a downwards direction allowing them to form new interconnecting stems.

Ref: Encyclopedia of Magic & Ancient Wisdom