PUZZLE“Life is random, but when you finish a puzzle you know you’ve made all the right choices.”

The film PUZZLE is actually adapted from an Argentine film called ‘Rompecabezas’ the tile means puzzle in Spanish.

Agnes (played by our cover star Kelly Macdonald), has never ventured far from home or family, she was raised in a tight-nit immigrant community by her widowed father. Now in her early 40’s she finds herself somewhat adrift with a husband and children after focusing solely on their wants and needs.

As a birthday present Agnes receives a jigsaw puzzle, and finds that she is very good at it, and it gives her a heady thrill that she has not experienced in a long time. This is the beginning of a quiet but dramatic transformation of her life.

Robert is a wealthy inventor, and somewhat of a recluse, and Agnes meets him as a ‘puzzle partner’, recognising her talent for puzzles, he recruits her for a world jigsaw tournament. This is something that Agnes wants to pursue, but it means stepping away from her domestic bubble to go after a new hobby. Not everyone in the family embraces the change so enthusiastically.

The time she spends with Robert is enlightening, the world of puzzling and his company allows her to understand herself better, to find her strengths and to set her on a new path. These personal insights bring her confidence and a level of assertiveness she didn’t have before. Which in turn lets her speak out at home and push against the defined boundaries and routines she has been saddled with.

But only Agnes can decide how she now wants to define herself within her family and just what she wants for herself moving forward!

To see the trailer: http://sonyclassics.com/puzzle/

Peter Saraf, one of the producers, said “You think of jigsaw puzzling as something incredibly solitary and inward, something that pulls you into a smaller world, but in PUZZLE, this very solitary activity actually opens up the world for our heroine.”

As singular as Agnes is, her story speaks to something universal. Says Saraf, “I think that idea of following your heart, of following your passion, and allowing yourself to be happy is something that will resonate with people.”

The writers, producers and actors in the film have tried hard to not let the characters be cliché, it would have been easy to portray Agnes as a stereotypical housewife who was bored and lacking in interests, but what you actually see is a person that moves around the house and within her family unit as virtually unseen. But in fact, as the film develops you see she is so much more than the preordained organised life she has carved out for herself.

It would be so easy to dislike her husband, but the film-makers manage to present a man who loves his wife and even tries to change for her, but he still manages to not fully see her.

Kelly Macdonald has an enviable list of credits to her resume, that bridge televisions and films, and yet is still very unassuming in terms of Hollywood stardom. According to www.indiewire.com this film might just be the vehicle that sees her as a ‘true star’ – with a film that puts her firmly centre-stage.

In an interview with IndieWire, Kelly said about Puzzle: I was very interested in Agnes and I wanted to have the chance to act her story out. The fact that she is – oh, you know, this is sort of trite to say – but she is a puzzle herself. She’s very run of the mill and ordinary, but everybody’s got something about them that they don’t always get to show people around them. She’s a very courageous woman.”

In a complete change of direction from Puzzle, the Scottish actress will next reprise the voiced part in Disney’s film ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’, where she acts as Princess Merida. According to the BBC, memes are already surfacing making fun of the film trailer and the indecipherable Scottish accent/slang.

The Film is released in UK cinemas on the 7th September 2018.

“Stunning. A near-perfect movie. Kelly Macdonald is remarkable, riveting even in her quietest moments. Irrfan Khan is incredibly subtle and deadpan.”

Jordan Ruimy, THE PLAYLIST