Male Gods of WisdomGreek mythology is full of tales of desire, heart-ache, life and death, they ruled heaven and earth and passed down their inherent wisdom giving lessons in morals, regret, love and forgiveness.

Why not delve into the masculine Gods with us, and see if you can apply a little bit of their logic to the men in your lives?

Apollo – God of Arts and of Prophecy

The message from Apollo is to embrace your creativity. Apollo was what we would call an old head on young shoulders, he had a gift for foresight from a young age. He was the son of Zeus and Leto, and people travelled to the Oracle at Delphi from all over the world to hear his prophecies. One of his reasons for embracing creative expression was for ridding the soul of toxic thoughts and feelings from the past, allowing a new and brighter future to unfold.

Dionysus – The God of Indulgence, Wine and Fertility

Dionysus knew how to have a good time, he liked nothing more than travelling the world, having fun and gifting wine as he went. Whilst this sounds quite frivolous, it is an important message – that sometimes you need to relax and have fun. Bottling up emotions whether they are stresses about work, home life, money or more rarely ends well. Every now and again time out from the hum-drum of life and an ability to share your worries, can give you the mental break that you need to see things more clearly.

Eros – Cupid! God of Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Aphrodite’s companion – Eros is usually depicted with a bow and arrow, and we think of him as being a little mischievous and not shy about match-making! But on the more serious side his message is one of needing to love yourself first. Our overall wellbeing, and ultimately higher spiritual awareness, comes only once we are at peace with ourselves.

Hades – God of the Underground

Being God of the Underground, does conjure up all sorts of worrying thoughts, and Hades was known for delivering foreboding news and the dark aspects of life. But his underlying message is one of metamorphism. It is very often hard in life to let go, whether someone has passed away, or a relationship needs to end, but trusting there is a reason behind things and going forward with grace will be its own reward in the end. When something comes to end, inevitably room for a new beginning opens up!

Hermes – God of Reflections, Astrology, Astronomy, Roads, Travel, Language and Writing

Hermes message is about reflecting on yourself and in turn how your thoughts, feelings and actions are being projected on to others and the wider world. This is a very poignant God for todays living, in a world of social media it is easy to imagine that others are leading a better life than us. But don’t let a distorted view of the world colour your reality! As and when you recognise qualities in others, try to take time to appreciate those same qualities that you have within you. Look for the blessing in life and feel gratitude daily.

Zeus – God of Conflict Resolution

The overriding message from Zeus – is to know when to walk away. Sometimes the strongest thing to do in a conflict is to remove yourself from the situation, it is not a sign of weakness to choose this option. On occasion there is just nothing to be gained from fighting, and rising above such moments, will give you much more inner peace. Don’t be afraid to let a situation go, sometimes releasing your hold, will allow fate and destiny to step in, and the problem will resolve.