Dream MeaningsDo you often wake, thinking that was a really weird dream? It can be hard to make head nor tail of what it meant. Sometimes we may have the feeling that the dream just happened, and that it was strange and complicated, but it is not always easy to remember all of the details.

The next time that happens to you, it is worth trying to think if there were any elements of the dream, perhaps a symbol that stood out to you. You may have noticed it, but not necessarily thought it was relevant to the story playing out.

Here are some examples:

Arrows: Generally, an arrow marks a tense period of unhappiness. Perhaps you feel you have lost control of a situation? You can turn things around, but you need a new plan – take advice from those wiser than you.

Bees: Overall dreaming of bees represents truth and perseverance. A singular bee is an indication of prosperity.

Boxes: If the box is closed, you are likely struggling with a decision you need to make. If a box is open, it is a strong indicator to go ahead with your plans. If a box is empty, it is likely difficult news is on the way.

Clocks: As you might imagine clocks, or other time-pieces such as a watch represent time. Generally, that time is on your side. It also often represents financial or business success.

Crosses: A cross as you probably suspected is a spiritual sign, one of blessings and calm tidings.

Key’s: If it was a large key – you are likely in-line for an inheritance. Holding several keys indicates that you have various opportunities but a choice needs to made about them. Being given a key means you are starting a fresh phase in your life.

Knot’s: Single knots very often represent setbacks in life, possibly of a financial nature, or maybe you have fallen out with friends. Several knots signify that you will have obstacles to overcome. If the knots are seen on a string they are likely to be less serious, but if on a rope then they are more severe in nature.

Lock: There are two ways to look at a lock – as an obstruction or as providing safety. The newer the lock the more likely it is about protecting you from harm. An old or rusty lock may mean that someone is trying to sabotage you in some way – but don’t worry they will not succeed.

Mirrors: A mirror is a lovely symbol – a reminder that you are kind, and a good person. You are unlikely to see your reflection, and those of bad characters rarely dream of mirrors! If the mirror is cracked – do not worry, it does not mean bad luck as you might imagine, but merely that you should continue with your good behaviour in life.

Stars: Dreaming of the stars brings happy moments. Falling stars may represent misunderstandings and dull stars as opposed to bright twinkling ones, mean you may have to work harder to achieve what you want. Stars that are close to you indicate a happy relationship union and good health.

Ref: The New Dream Interpreter, Mehr-Ali-Kalami