Angels are quite mystical in themselves, much has been written about them and there are many different opinions about their origins and purpose. Despite a diverse attitude a few theories have become accepted, such as one popularised by Dionysius the Areopagite who was a Greek mystic of the 6th century CE. He wrote the Celestial Hierarchy where he divided the angelic realm into nine orders, made up of three choirs. This theory was further developed in the 13th century by an Italian theologian named St Thomas Aquinas.Angel Hierarchy

The First Choir

The first choir was made up of three groups of angels who were supposed to be closest to God, and who were given face-to face-worship with him.

Seraphim: They include Uriel and Michael who were aflame with love and devotion for God and were therefore known as the ‘burning ones’.

Cherubim: Meaning ‘one who intercedes’, they include Jophiel and Gabriel. They have a protective role and were positioned by God in the east of the Garden of Eden.

Thrones: Were known as ‘the many eyed ones’, they include Japhkiel and Raziel, they were angels of justice and carried out God’s decisions.

The Second Choir

A dedication of knowledge of God through the universe was the purpose of the second order of angels.

Dominions: God would show mercy through angels like Zadkiel and Zacharel, they bring knowledge and wisdom, they demonstrate God’s power through creation.

Virtues: Known as ‘the shining ones’, as a result of showing courage. Angels like Haniel would work alongside ‘Thrones’ to bring rewards and blessings to humans who overcome their difficulties.

Powers: Their purpose is to stop devils and fallen angels from taking over the universe. Led by Chamuel, they work tirelessly to ensure we transition into the next phase of our lives following death.

The Third Choir

The third choir are ministering angels, who take care of humans.

Principalities: Angels like Raguel guard the world nations, their leaders, their religions as well as sacred places.

Archangels: These are chief angels that deliver messages from God to humans. They are connected to the elements – earth, wind, air and fire. Who the archangels are is one of the many debated topics, but will definitely include Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. They in turn have control over armies of angels to battle any forces of darkness.

Angels: Angels being ranked last in the hierarchy should not be taken for a message of the least important. These Angels would include what we call ‘guardian angels’, they are ready and waiting for us to summon them whenever we need them, they deliver messages between God and nature to humans.

Ref: The Psychic’s Bible, Jane Struthers