Psychic Reader Seph PIN 1369My name is Sepherenia, my friends all call me Seph. My family come from Argyll but originate in Orkney in the Highlands of Scotland, I am a direct descendant of the Brahan Seer MacKenzie. My father was a medium and was frequently asked to do platform work, he had worked during the second world war as a remote viewer, it was when I was seven years old that I realised that I could have the same gift as he did. As he was doing his platform work, I noticed a group of children down at the bottom of the stage, they were calling me and shouting my name, I kept telling them to be quiet or they would be put out of the hall, it was the noise that I was making that drew my father to look at me, no one could see the kids but me, there were nine of them and I was the only one who could see them! As my dad looked, eventually he saw them too. They were the spirits of children who had parents in the room, I got a little scared then because I could see them and touch them and they just seemed like some of my friends from school. So, that was how my journey as a medium began.

When I was just ten years old my father began teaching me the gift of remote viewing, the way through to places and areas of the mind that others could not reach, it was difficult at first, I had to learn to switch it off, if I didn’t then I would see what people had in their head and minds, where they had been – everything! So, my father passed on a lot of knowledge, but I did not always fully understand it at the time, but through a lot of training I got there and then I could say I too had the gift of remote viewing.

I was already psychically gifted, a natural psychic not a developed one, these gifts just came to me as I got older, I learned things the way others learned table manners, reading, writing and arithmetic – it was all just normal to me. Thankfully we lived in an area where we were known well, my father was the local councillor and Justice of the Peace, so my gifts were just accepted.

When I left school, I chose the path of nursing, my remote viewing was continually fine-tuned with this job as I could see the whole skeleton and veins and all that makes up the body, it was a marvel but I could tell no one, they would have locked me up!

I decided to take a break from nursing and take up hair and beauty, I liked it well enough but something was not right and I knew it, I went to Australia, by this time I had married, I was 16 years old, but that was not uncommon, I was the last girl in my class to marry. I had two girls and then I joined the MOD. But I got injured and decided to return home. At this point I started to do the one thing I knew that I would fit into and be happy doing; I joined the school my great grandfather had started: The School of Psychic Development and The Selonya Society, we now have schools in Melbourne, America and Spain.

That point was really when I started my professional career in the psychic world, I have done platform mediumship, but I confess I don’t really like it – I believe messages from spirit should be private, I have assisted police with their search for missing people, I teach all forms of divination from Tarot to teacups – you name it I have taught it or am teaching it!

Until my father died he used his own gifts to support children with autism, which is one of the reasons I took a degree in behavioural sciences from toddler until eighteen. Now I am a practising Wicca a High Priestess for my trouble! I love this, it is where I fit, I am asked to perform handfastings, namings and passings all of which are beautiful ceremonies. I also study the teachings of the Kabbalah a lifelong learning process and the Path of The Druid.

For fun I make jewellery and design rooms and quirky things out of nothing, I sing and put on shows for charity but best of all I love NFL American football and I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan…

If you come to me for a reading I usually only need the vibrations of your voice, but I will read whatever you want me to. Be ready though, I may not say what you want to hear, I never lie and I will be as precise and insightful as I can be, I will give you an intuitive, no-nonsense reading.

Always be all you can be…

Blessed be,

Seph, PIN: 1369