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  • Start with relaxation and an opening prayer, just a thought sent to spirit, to come close and help and for your guides to protect this session while you work; find a quiet time in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Ask for a loved one, so you know who your communicator is. Give yourself about an hour if you can, I say this because sometimes it can take time to let the energy build and a good connection to establish, for beginners.
  • The key is complete relaxation, not necessarily of the body, but of the mind. Our brains are wired to yap at us constantly, throwing random thoughts and images up, the key ability here is to turn off the chattering mind, and get into a mental space where there is silence and stillness, and that is when we are in the best place to see, hear, feel, and know that there is an energy with us, which is outside of ourselves, connecting to us.

  • The next key skill is to let spirit do the work, let them give you what they need to. Wait for it to be given. Stop your own mind from filling in the gaps. Once you have mastered this part you can move on to asking questions or asking for more from your communicator. Seeing, feeling, knowing, hearing a voice or words in your own voice, but much wiser or unfamiliar information is how clairaudience takes place in learners, feeling a physical symptom or a sensation which you know not to be your own, and you can identify as your loved one, then you know spirit is working with you.
  • It takes time and practice, and if you are working alone and not in circle; write down what you got afterwards.

The Evidence

Outside of this practice, spirit will let you know they are with you, in lots of different ways: a song appearing on the radio, or in a shop, you might smell a favourite perfume, tobacco, or even a food associated with the loved one, a white feather where there are no visible birds, a butterfly out of season or a butterfly which lands in a very trusting space or distance, and birds or any other wild animal coming close or just not moving, are all ways spirit let you know they are with you.

Finding money, small coins, (check the dates on the coins to see if the date is significant to you), photographs appearing out of nowhere in the house, and also the infuriating experience of small items which belonged to a loved one, vanishing and then reappearing. These are all ways a loved one lets us know they are in our atmosphere.

Have Faith

The sceptics are crying ah it’s all just coincidence and imagination. The feeling that goes with the connection is how to distinguish it from pure coincidence and imagination. Feeling is a very important part of the work. Guides can also connect to us, feeling inexplicably drawn to a place, a book, a time in history, a website, a google search – once we have sent the thought out, spirit will send us information and education, trusting what you get is an essential skill.

I have lost count of the times a person has rung me for a reading and said – I was just drawn to your profile; I picked you because….I don’t know why I picked you; or this is the first time I’ve had a reading and I’m not sure I believe; I saw the advert in the paper and I’m ringing but I don’t know why, I just felt I had to; I don’t normally do this; the list goes on. Spirit giving them a little nudge in answer to their prayers.

Spirit Teaches

Spirit teaches us that love does not die with the physical body, there is no death, only transformation, and whether you believe it or not, spirit surround you, day and night, and you are loved for all eternity, just as you love for all eternity, the energy of love, of connection, of life itself is a circle not a line, a spiral not a pyramid, we are all connected in that circle. We all have moments of doubt, if you do, remember nothing leaves the universe, it only changes form. that’s science not faith. And don’t forget, even on a bad day, you are a star. Literally!