SpiritualityIt’s a mind-boggling fact that all life on earth was created in the furnace of now long dead stars, it’s a scientific fact that we ARE stardust. We are made of the same atoms as the stars, and because of that fact, we are all connected. All life in the universe is connected, atomically. We are not IN the universe, we ARE the universe. And nothing leaves the universe, it only changes form. This is scientific fact. It is not a matter of belief.

Opening to Spirit

Opening to spirit also does not need to be a matter of belief, born mediums do not need belief to experience spirit; it is perception which is the real gateway. Some of us are born with the kind of perception and the kind of senses which pick things up, phenomena which are not immediately apparent to the general population. People who are born this way experience spirit very early in their lives, and belief will be determined by the environment and influences around them. In an environment where they are not supported, denying that they are experiencing spirit will not stop the experiences. I can testify to this from personal experience.

For those not born with heightened senses, the joys and gifts of communicating with spirit can be learned, anyone can open to spirit – if they open their doors of perception.

Teaching Mediumship

When I am teaching mediumship, I start my students with working on the senses that they already have – seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling, then just knowing, that sense sometimes called ‘the gut’. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisance are the technical terms. Learning to understand what spirit is giving you, through all of your senses, you need to start first with getting to know your own senses and developing them.


The best way to do this is to practice meditation where the senses and the skills are enhanced, using meditations where you are focussing on producing images in your mind’s eye, or your third eye as it is sometimes referred to, to connect to the non-ordinary reality which spirit inhabit. Through the clairvoyant faculty, spirit will give images, symbols, colours, as they work to get their message through. We are in fact working telepathically when we work this way, spirit connect to us through telepathy and because they no longer have mouths to form words, they have to get their messages though to us in whatever form they can. Translating that into a message for a sitter is the work of a medium using all the sense and faculties. But it is not necessary to work as a medium to connect to spirit. All you need is the desire, the time, the patience and dedication. Should be easy then! Okay, ready to start?

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