Master SpiritsYou may be used to contacting angels for help, but you may not be as familiar with the concept of master spirits, they are generally great teachers, prophets or Gods and goddesses and sometimes we refer to them as ‘ascended masters’.

Master spirits cross religion, civilisation and culture, they dedicate themselves to assisting humans on Earth to progress through life whilst learning as they go. Master souls will have made a choice to forgo their own path of journeying to the higher realms of heaven in order to be close and guide us.

When you want to invoke the guidance of a master spirit you must do so with a pure heart and intentions of the good of all – your request should never harm another. When you have your request, just choose wish ascended master to contact.

Master spirits like angels tend to have a specialist area, so it is worth thinking about which master soul to contact that will be most in tune with your request.

Here are a few to consider:

Call upon Buddha when you need peace, balance and a sense of calm. He in turn will teach you moderation, releasing desires and being free of suffering.

Kuan Yin is a Buddhist goddess; she is a fantastic place to start for anyone new to invoking the help of a master spirit as she promises to assist anyone who calls. She stands for compassion – for others and ourselves.

You are more likely to have heard of the Celtic goddess Brigit, her name has different spellings, but her mission is the same – call on her with anything to do with conception and the birth of a child.

Ganesha is a Hindu God, most beloved due to his sweet nature. If you need to overcome obstacles in your life or are thinking about a new venture then this is who you should call upon.

Maitreya’s name translates as ‘loving kindness’, he is known as ‘Buddha of the Future’. You would probably recognise him as a ‘laughing Buddha’, representing happiness and joy.

When your problems relate to your home or your family call upon Vesta, she is sometimes known as Hestia in Greek, but essentially it is the name for goddess of the hearth.

A symbol of an owl represents Athene, a Greek goddess who can provide you with clarity when you have a decision to make; you can be sure of an objective view point.

If relationship difficulties are what trouble you then Lakshmi can guide, she is the epitome of the ‘perfect wife’, she can help heal your relationship as well as increase your sense of fulfilment in life.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but merely a place to start… If you are interested in a reading where the psychic calls upon the ascended masters then why not try Angel (PIN: 1441) or Ellie (PIN: 1180).

Ref: The Psychic’s Bible, Jane Struthers