Father's DaySummer Solstice

The summer solstice takes place on Wednesday 21st June and will mark the longest day – the high solar point of 2017. In times gone by fires would have been lit on hill tops to mark the highest point of the sun. For Druids the occasion is still special and will be considered a ritualistic time symbolising power, success and health. There are special incenses and herbs associated with this time of year – St John’s Wort, Elder, Fennel, Verbena, Chamomile and lavender. You can mark the occasion at home by lighting candles in orange or gold colours representing confidence and joy.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day takes place this year on Sunday the 18th June, you may know that it always falls on the third Sunday of the month, but you might not know why… One school of thought about how Father’s Day came into existence is about a woman called Sonara Smart who was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. Her Father who was called William Smart was a widower, he had 6 children and unfortunately his wife had died during the birth of the sixth child. As Sonara went from child to adult she realised just how difficult things had been for her father raising six children alone and wanted to recognise the selflessness and courage he had shown. Her father was born on the 19th June, and so she celebrated the first Father’s Date in 1910. The idea spread and by 1924 President Calvin Coolidge had made it a national day. By 1926 in New York a Father’s Day committee had been formed. It took until 1956 for a joint resolution to recognise the day in congress and then in 1966 President Lyndon signed a presidential proclamation making the 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day. This date was cemented by President Nixon who signed a law that made it permanent in 1972 and the date has stayed that way ever since.