Gifted MovieGifted is released in UK cinemas on 16th June 2017, the film is directed by Marc Webb who brought us (500) Days of Summer. To see the trailer visit here:

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The Cast

The film stars Chris Evans (our magazine cover), who is most famous for playing Steve Rogers/Captain America in The Avengers & Captain America movies, so this film is a bit of a departure for him. Mckenna Grace plays one of the main roles, and it is a lot to ask of such a young actress to be in nearly every scene, but despite her tender age she already has a lot of television and films under her belt. You may recognise Jenny Slate from popular television shows like House of Lies, Parks and Recreation and Girls to name a few. Lindsay Duncan you will know as a stage, television and film actress, you might have seen her in the film Birdman, Alice in Wonderland or the television show Dr Who and last but by no means least award winning actress Octavia Spencer, who played in films The Help and Hidden Figures.

The Plot

Frank (Chris Evans) and Mary (Mckenna Grace) live a simple life with plenty of routine in a friendly community in a coastal town in Florida. She is growing up with Frank (her uncle) following her mother’s premature death.

Mary’s mother wanted her to live a normal life as possible, and have a proper childhood. But this comes under threat from her grandmother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) who believes that Frank is holding back the child, who is a child genius – a great mathematician talent.

A custody battle ensues with Frank and Evelyn going head to head…Threatening Frank and Mary being separated and their normal life coming apart.

Thankfully Frank has two other people on his side, Bonnie (Jenny Slate), who is Mary’s teacher, whose concern for Mary later develops into a personal connection with Frank, and Roberta (Octavia Spencer), his landlady and best friend who turns into a formidable opponent of Evelyn.


“Gifted is its own gift to family audiences looking for something other than typical animated fare or broad comedies usually aimed at the demographic.”

“This film, from a script by Tom Flynn, does not talk down to its audience, but instead offers a heartwarming and lovely look at the meaning of what a family really is.”

“Evans underplays to fine effect as the emotionally conflicted Frank; Slate is winsomely appealing as the teacher who finds herself drawn to her student’s hunky guardian; and Duncan displays a droll, deadpan humor that makes the grandmother surprisingly sympathetic.”

The Gossip

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans were dating for just under a year, unfortunately they broke up in February, just one month before the press junket for the film Gifted, causing some potentially awkward ‘red carpet’ moments. Jenny has been very honest about the break-up, stating the fact that life for her and Chris Evans was very different, given his level of fame for playing ‘Captain America’. Apparently they had not had a need to speak much since the break-up and Jenny did tell ‘Vulture’ –  “I think it’s probably best. I’d love to be his friend one day, but we threw down pretty hard. No regrets, though. Ever.”