Spring EquinoxThe Spring Equinox is a magical and positive time of year; sometimes called Eostre or Ostara after the German Spring Goddess, this period in the calendar represents the life-cycle, birth and renewal.

It is the perfect opportunity to give thanks for the things that have happened in our lives, and equally to say goodbye to the past in order to leave room to welcome in new opportunities and people into our lives.

In the UK the Spring or Vernal Equinox takes place on the 20th March 2017 at 10.28 GMT. Equinox of course stands for equal night and day, and the time marks the mid-point between winter and summer – Mother nature is re-born, the Sun God returns and brings with it fertility and new life.

You can easily think of the Equinox as the ‘Yin & Yang’ of your life, when you strive for a perfect balance in harmony in all that you do. But for many of us, life may not be that simple and things may feel off kilter. If that is the case, then the celebration is the perfect time to take a ‘life inventory’, so that you may restore balance for the coming months ahead.

Life Inventory

Ask yourself the following questions:

Have you found that you have slid into a winter slump? (Perhaps staying-in, watching lots of TV, and eating comfort foods)…

Do you feel emotionally balanced?

Is your self-esteem at a high or low point?

Would you describe yourself as content?

Would you describe yourself as happy?

In the last month/3 months/year – what has gone really well for you? Equally is there anything that has not gone to plan or turned out as you expected?

What have you done recently that has given you real joy in your life?

Is there a source of pain in your life that leaves you feeling joyless?

The point of this exercise is not to berate yourself for resolutions that have gone awry, but more to take stock of where you are and whether generally you are on the right track with the normal bumps in the road, or whether you need to re-evaluate your life choices for a happier future.

Once your life inventory is complete, you can embrace the Spring Equinox to plant the seeds of your future…