Phoenix RisingThe Book of Enoch says that phoenixes are bird-like angels, in terms of rank they would sit alongside cherubim (these angels keep records of God’s work; they establish how to carry out the Divine plan) and seraphim (these angels are sometimes referred to as the ‘burning ones’, they are thought to be the closest to God, and their red colour represents their burning love for him).

The mythical Phoenix is often associated with the sun.

Around every five hundred years the phoenix will feel death upon him; he will build a funeral pyre in which to immolate himself. But shortly after he will rise from the ashes (hence the phoenix rising), fully restored!

As such the phoenix is the perfect symbol for New Year, as he represents immortality, resurrection and regeneration. But the phoenixes message should not just be of a rebirth in the hereafter, but a message of fresh starts and life beginning anew in the here and now.

Occasionally we will experience tragedy in our lives, it could be a death, an accident or illness…It doesn’t necessarily have to be something or somebody that is related or close to us, it can be something shocking in the world – a death of a loved celebrity, a natural disaster…But these events have a way of making us take stock of our lives. We say to ourselves that we won’t sweat the small stuff, that we will be thankful for what we have got as there are so many worse off than ourselves. But of course, human nature being what it is – everyday life gets in the way, and often our renewed energy fades.

The phoenixes message is to not wait for something bad to happen, but to remind us to appreciate life every day and to be present in the here and now. We should grab life by the hands and take up every opportunity, and make changes even if they scare us – move jobs, go on holiday to a faraway destination, start a new relationship – whatever scares/excites you in equal measure…

The phoenix is seen as an elusive bird of paradise, but the message is clear – grab your bit of paradise now, don’t wait for tomorrow – start writing your new life chapter today!