IntuitionI guess most people throughout the ages since well before the pyramids, and the very first human life walked the Earth have asked these questions:

Why am I here?

Why are we here?

What is the purpose of my life?

What’s it all for?

What’s it all about?

Many people ask these questions, some seek to give their life purpose by obtaining material wealth and possessions, things that make them feel artificially happy, this is often the glue that holds their lives together.

But I feel that if we have been given a life – isn’t it best to get the maximum from it? If we need glue to hold our life together we must accept sooner or later that this may not be the right way forward for our own soul journey.

From a young age I questioned what is this life stuff all about? I saw my mother, father and grandmother go to work, have their evening meal, go to bed, wake up and then do it all again, apart from a holiday every year or two and some days out I thought this seems a lot of hard work and effort just to exist. It was a very simple and humble sort of life but I felt there just had to be more behind it than that!

This really confused me as a child, I noticed that other children were not concerned at all in this concept and even most adults did not seem very interested and it was never mentioned or taught at school – how strange I thought to myself…I asked my teachers, but they just said that I asked too many questions and that I should go and sit down and stop looking out of the window day-dreaming. But the thought stayed with me, that there had to be more to life than this.

As I grew older I put all questions relating to the meaning of life to the back of my mind, as like most young men my life was full of other activities like work, my car and socialising.

It is not unusual for those in their mid-twenties to start to ask the same questions again, and I was no different. This thought process might be triggered after a failed relationship or some negative or even positive experiences in life. Their mind is pushing them to follow their intuition and soul pathway. Nearly all of the spiritual teachings throughout the ages will say follow your intuition and you can’t go wrong, it will lead to a much happier and enriched life.

Come back next week for the rest of Martyn’s journey…