IntuitionIf you missed the first part of Martyn’s journey, then please click here.

But how can we connect with our inner soul voice without the need to meditate for hours on end or go to a spiritual retreat for six months? The answer is so easy and straightforward; try this method at home yourself:

  • Take 5 or 10 minutes to be still, calm and meditate, at a time to suit you, pick your favourite room and make sure you are not disturbed.

  • Talk in your mind and send out your sensible question, the more important the question the better. One question at a time tends to work best unless questions are connected with each other. Talk in plain English and explain the question as if you were talking to a close friend, write the question down – and request an answer.
  • Please do not expect an instant answer, most people give up when they don’t get the expected instant reply. It can take a number of days. But at some point you will literally get a brain wave telling you the answer or solution to the problem, at this point send thanks for the message.

Messages usually arrive when we least expect it and when your mind is still and free, you may be watching the television, gardening, cooking a meal, just an activity where your mind can wander.

When you get your answer, write it down as soon as possible, most replies only last a few minutes and sometimes they are forgotten easily. Date and time the reply for future reference and of course, keep it safe.

Sometimes the reply will say you are doing the right thing and should continue, often it’s there to just simply fine tune our lives, in other cases it’s a shout to tell us what we already know and avoid the situation at all costs.

You can use this for any questions relating to love, finances, happiness – anything really. Think of it like you would type a search on the internet, instead you are connecting to your own ‘home page’, your very own spiritual website within you!

Using this method will allow you to begin to connect with your inner self, your soul and your own natural intuition. If you are well adrift from your soul purpose your intuition will start to bring you back on the correct pathway, similar to a ship being brought back on course after being adrift.

Remember no experience is ever wasted unless you think of it as a complete negative, good always comes from bad. Your soul and intuition are connected, access this and you will be much closer to your inner-self and begin to grasp the essence of life and to be much more content and happy.

So it’s all there for you, enter this new lovely world full of joy, ambition and satisfaction.

Love and white light to you all,