Best Mediums Reader SuneetHappiness is something we are all striving for in our lives. It is our best guide in our decision making process and that includes considering how our decisions will affect other people’s emotions. However often it can feel like an unobtainable goal. We create visions of what our life would look like if we were happy – if only I had that new job, if only I could travel more, if only I had more time, if only I had love in my life – I would be happy… However that feeling of happiness can still elude us when the outcome of those choices plays out.

So are we chasing a dream of happiness that doesn’t exist?

The truth is, happiness has peaks and troughs – it is part of the emotional rollercoaster of life. Happiness is simply an emotion in the huge range of emotions that we as humans feel and it can arrive mixed with other emotions. It can be bittersweet or feel only small compared to what we were expecting. In reality, I have found that to really move up into the joy space you have to rise above the desire of happiness – to sit into contentment.

Contentment is depicted by the Ten of Cups in Tarot of complete emotional fulfilment, or even by the Ace of Cups with a new emotional beginning, a new relationship with oneself. Once contentment sets in, you begin to experience joy on a much deeper level. The external world no longer greatly affects your internal world. Life begins to feel peaceful. Moments of happiness become pure bliss and without happiness life does not feel like a constant struggle.

So what does contentment feel like? Contentment is pure acceptance that nothing in this life is in your control except for one thing and one thing alone – you. Contentment is balance in the heart, mind and soul, where you clearly hear yourself and follow your guidance with no emotional resistance – i.e. fear, anger, sadness and so on. It is a complete release of the past and the future, so you are in true alignment with who you are in the today, the present moment. It brings a feeling of peace and requires a trust of life and a faith in the universe.

To begin to move into contentment ask yourself the following questions: what is your resistance to being content in this very moment? What do you feel would make you happy? Then ask yourself what will that bring into your life that you feel you don’t already have? Why do you feel it is necessary to have that before you can be happy? Those that work with me closely know I work a lot around releasing belief patterns that no longer serve us, releasing old hidden hurts and pains. This is the journey I have taken to being content. It doesn’t mean you no longer strive for what will make you happy, it simply means that you enjoy every single moment until happiness returns into your heart.