Church Frisco of AngelsThe importance of angels and their hierarchy has often been discussed and in the past Archangels were considered to be the most important and in your mind that still may be the case, but there are many different types beyond them, all with roles to play.

How many types do you know?

  • Seraphim

The Seraphim angels are sometimes referred to as the ‘burning ones’, they are thought to be the closest to God, and their red colour represents their burning love for him.

  • Cherubim

These angels keep records of God’s work; they establish how to carry out the Divine plan…

  • Thrones

Thrones are sometimes known as Ophanim, they are depicted as fiery wheels with lots of eyes. They look at how the decisions that God makes will be viewed and understood by others.

  • Dominions

The Dominions work is directed by the Cherubim, they give the orders – as to how God’s desire is to be carried out.

  • Virtues

Without these angels there would be no Universal Laws, it is they that help the Powers with the work in this area. Virtues are also responsible for miracles that take place on Earth.

  • Powers

When thinking about the Powers think about forces of Nature. They are the keepers of the laws of the Universe.

  • Principalities

Sometimes Principalities will simply be known as Princes or Princedoms; they guard against evil spirits and protect the good spirits whilst governing the rise and fall of nations.

  • Archangels

As you will most likely know they are the bringer of messages from God, which is why we often hold them so dear to our hearts. They are also the watchers – reviewing the World’s worship of God.

  • Guardian Angels

Again most of us will be familiar with the concept of Guardian Angels and we may well have a personal relationship with one or more. They often have a specialist area, which we can call upon – love, teaching, art, music or wisdom… But they are most revered for acting as a go-between for humans and God.

  • Devas

In Sanskrit – Deva means ‘shining one’; they are divine beings that send out light so that things can grow.

Ref: Encyclopaedia of Mind.Body.Spirit & Earth