Past Present FutureReincarnation is a foundation of many religions, but even non-religious people find some comfort in the thought there is a continuation after death. In its simplest terms reincarnation means an individual’s ‘soul’ or ‘essence’ is reborn into the flesh of another body.

It is natural then to want to explore what has happened in a ‘past life’ and see if it holds the answers to some of our problems in a current life…

There are three main forms of past-life therapy:

  • Past-life regression
  • Life-between-lives regression
  • Past-life reading

For past-life regression a therapist may use hypnotherapy, bodywork or guided imagery to allow the client to activate memories of a past life. This is often used as a way to discover patterns of behaviour or establish where negative thoughts have crept in. Current problems are resolved by ‘reframing’ past issues.

Life-between-lives regression is exactly as it sounds; using hypnotherapy a therapist will take a client to a place between two lives. It is sometimes called spiritual regression and is often used to correct imbalances between the client’s soul and spirit. Spirit guides may help in the experience and perhaps a client will recognise strength from a past life and choose to take it forward with them on their current journey.

For a past-life reading, a therapist will focus on just one period of time and one past life. This is particularly useful if the client feels that there is a blockage in a former life that is really causing them difficulties from leading a happy life now. Pausing in a certain time frame, focusing on an event can allow past issues to be resolved.

It is difficult to talk about past lives without acknowledging ‘karma’, the idea that how we act in one life will have a direct impact on the next is an integral part of the concept. The understanding is that we very much live moment to moment but that all of our decisions put in motion, will affect how we live and feel and that the process of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ will impact us, not just now but potentially in the future as well.

Whether you try past life therapy or not, a simple concept to remember and live by is that all individuals have free will and that probably the space between the past and what is to come is where you make your own destiny…

Ref: The Encyclopaedia of Mind Body Spirit