Chinese New Year 2016 Year of the Monkey2016 brings in the Year of the Monkey, commencing on the 8th February 2016. If you didn’t see our first post on this topic – click here, we covered previous monkey years, things that will be lucky and unlucky for those born in Monkey years, as well as personality traits.

Love Matches

The characteristics that best match those of a Monkey are those born in the year of the Ox or Rabbit. The worst matches would be the Tiger or Pig. Other Monkeys and those born in the year of the Snake should be reserved as friends only. There are a lot of complementary factors with Rats, Dragons, Goats and Dogs, but a relationship would not be as plain sailing as with an Ox or Rabbit.

Monkeys love to chat; their ease of communication and their sociable manner make meeting people easy. They will not settle down quickly, they can become bored easily and will flit from partner to partner until they find the one. Once a Monkey has found the perfect partner – commitment is a given in every possible way.


  • In their career they should guard against people they are not sure they can trust. They need to focus on themselves within their job and seize opportunities as they arise. Self-discipline and keeping their heads in the game is the key to success.


  • To be successful financially in this year, they should not gamble, speculate or be greedy. Basics like clothes and food should not be a concern, but in flush months they should invest, and cash in where necessary. Showing off their wealth will only bring them misfortune from others.


  • In regards to health, generally they should be well as long as they do not take unnecessary risks. They should take any prescription medications as prescribed, expect the normal coughs and colds that we all get. Generally being alert during their day to day lives will help with their health and well-being.


Ref: China Highlights