Plan International LogoThe whole ethos of Psychic Light and its sister companies Psychic Sight and Best Mediums is in providing advice, guidance and support in folk’s time of need. So it is no surprise that in their charitable endeavours they choose to financially support children in need living in some of the poorest countries across Africa, Central & South America and Asia.

The Psychic Light group began in the year 2000, and in that same year the Directors began sponsoring children through the charity Plan International, over time as the company grew they sponsored more children.

At the beginning was Jose

One of the first children they sponsored was a little boy called Jose who was just two years old at the time, and so it is with great pleasure that Plan have now advised us that having come of age and graduated at 18 he will be moving forward in the world as an adult that no longer needs financial support from the charity, but he and his family will still benefit from all of the development within the community.

Although we sponsor individual children, the money does not go to one family in isolation; instead it helps all of the families and children within a community. It will fund health, nutrition and schooling as well as building livelihoods within the vicinity.

Jose graduating has also allowed us to sponsor a new child, and so we introduce Norman, who is ten years old and lives in the Madriz area. He lives with his mum who is a housewife and his dad who is a ‘jack of all trades’. Norman has had some health issues, but has been able to visit a treatment centre and recover. He is also able to attend school, which is within thirty minutes of his home.

Archie is another of our sponsor children; he is now fifteen years old. His family life has remained stable and he continues to attend secondary school. He lives in the area of Samar West. There are health facilities within forty-five minutes, but he has not needed to use them. Archie’s favourite activities are drawing and any type of sport.

Alex is one of our newer sponsor children from Lima as is Johamely from the area of Santa Elena, both are Spanish speaking. Alex’s dad is a craftsman and his mum is a housewife, they have access to water through a public standpipe five minutes away. Alex attends primary school that is within 30 minutes of his home. Plan has been working in Lima since 1996, particularly in fifty-eight human settlements (poor slum areas on the city outskirts). Johamely lives with her mother and her two sisters and she attends primary school. Santa Elena where she lives is a coast shore; Plan has worked in this area since 1995. Wages are very low in the area and youngsters are forced to not finish school and instead leave for big cities to find work.

In the last financial year with the help of companies like The Psychic Light group  Plan International has managed to reach:

  • 27 million children and families worldwide.
  • They have implemented 7318 projects
  • Employed 8131 people
  • Have trained 456,641 in health, business, education, child protection and agriculture.
  • They have helped build 1251 schools, 1935 health centres, 7531 water points and have improved sanitation in 90,882 households.