Psychic Reader MariahBy Reader Mariah, PIN: 1881

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Seeing into the future is only fun when it’s good news!

In April I saw my entire year written off, and more importantly a summer indoors with the garden and the house going to pot! Just before all this happened, I was at church enjoying a medium demonstration; he was giving a reading to a lady on the other side of the room, when he suddenly turned to me and said “I have one word for you – ‘surrender’, this is important for you at this time they are telling me,” he pointed upwards, then carried on his reading. I experienced an Uh-Oh sinking feeling but I know guidance is given for a reason. A month later, as the first symptoms kicked in, my sister had a dream, well a visit really, from my Uncle Jimmy in Spirit, who made a point of telling her I was seriously ill. Gently, they were letting me know it was coming…

Once incapacitated I remembered my guidance gift and began to practice surrender. Unable to carry out simple day-to-day tasks and wanting to sleep round the clock, I would normally fight that and push through, like any modern single parent, stretching multi-tasking boundaries to infinity and beyond. Mostly all I could manage was to lie in bed. I found it impossible to meditate for weeks, which was a big blow. My circle and rescue work, which I treasure, was out of the question, if felt as though Spirit were cutting me off from everything, so I asked why? The answer was because I am so dedicatedly busy they can’t get my attention to take me to the next level in my development. It requires seclusion, withdrawal, surrendering of the secular joys for aesthetic appreciation of the spirit in life. Only monks and hermits have this ‘luxury’ as a way of life. I have to be so unwell I stay still, but not so unwell that I can’t recover.

Once I was able to slightly mediate again, because my energy was low, Spirit were able to approach me, and then I was the passive recipient of Spirit contact, were up to now and during readings I am the one putting the contact energy in. I experienced total unconditional love and support from my guides and my loved ones, I got the healing I asked for and I was able to ask for healing for all the clients I have ever read for, from Syria, Russia, the UK and all the regions of the world where conflict is happening or looming, the melting of the Polar Ice caps and global warming. I found myself working with the guides to help and support all of those on the Earth sick or suffering and all of my meditations focussed on these topics, whereas normally it’s about my ability to channel for others in one to one or group settings.

As I began to recover, I was given a new Spirit Guide – a grey wolf. He has led me to study and work with animals and to understand their spiritual properties and meanings, and their natural environments on Earth. He made me feel safe and connected, as wolf packs are, and to look after my immediate family and my cats with a little more attention than they normally get. I have been able to feel all that love and connectedness as I have stopped dusting and washing the floors! This illness has been a great gift and a joy, a very precious silver-lining to the cloud of my confinement. More than ever, I know that Spirit is around us all the time, it’s our blocks which prevent connection, not theirs. As I prepare to return to normality I will be bringing all these precious jewels with me. I am a lucky woman!

I am hoping I have learned enough now, and my gratitude for everything I have, my compassion for others has moved up a notch, and now this phase is coming to an end, by the time you read this I will be back to my beloved work. Fingers crossed I don’t break a chakra before then! I do hope to be able to speak to you, as I have missed you all.

Mariah xx