PlanetsEach sign has a ruling planet – Mercury and Venus both rule two signs. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered in 1781, 1846 and 1930 respectively – until then Mars ruled Scorpio and Aries and Jupiter ruled Pisces and Sagittarius. Saturn ruled Aquarius & Capricorn and the Sun and the Moon have only ever ruled one sign each. Once Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were accepted into the pantheon, rulerships were reassigned and it is possible that new planets in the future will allow Mercury and Venus to rule only one sign each also. The association between ruling planets and peoples characteristics has been accepted for over 2000 years.

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Here is what your ruling planet and sign says about your personality:

Uranus – Aquarius

Uranus – an unattractive mythical figure associated with the Aquarius sign, science fiction and space exploration. At its best this planet encourages independence, versatility and originality. At its worst it encourages eccentricity and rebellion. Keywords for Uranus are disruption, shock and change!

Jupiter – Sagittarius (originally also Pisces)

Jupiter protected the city of Rome, blessing warriors before they went off to battle. He was a frequent thrower of thunderbolts and he had the power to both reward and punish warriors. Astrologically it is now associated with Sagittarius but it used to be Pisces. The planet is primarily concerned with languages and philosophy. It influences optimism, justice and loyalty. People born to this planet should be wary of being conceited, self-indulgent and overly extravagant.

Neptune – Pisces

Neptune administered lakes and rivers as well as being the lordship of the sea inherited from the Greek sea god Poseidon. Water horses drew his chariot and he later became a stallion in order to woo Demeter when she became a mare. This planet is associated with the most watery of signs – Pisces and is connected to the arts like dancing and poetry. It inspires sensitivity, imagination and idealism but on the flip side can cause deceit, indecision and carelessness.

Saturn – Capricorn (originally also Aquarius)

Saturn was originally an agricultural god like Mars but in Rome he oversaw Saturnalia (a public holiday) – a feast that the Christians adopted and we now know as Christmas. Originally Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius but now only rules Capricorn. Traditionally Saturn is linked to limitation as in ancient times it marked the limit of the known solar system. But now it is known for tenacity and perseverance. People are probably practical and cautious in equal measure. Looking on the negative side they can be cruel, narrow-minded and even selfish.

Pluto – Scorpio

Pluto was the last of the agricultural gods who ruled over the underworld. He often wore a helmet to render him invisible. No creature was known to have escaped transportation to his land of death beyond the river Styx. The planet he is associated with is Scorpio; despite his connection to death astrologically he is connected to human reproduction. Those born a Scorpio are likely to bury their emotions and they can be secretive, critical and even cruel at times – but an overriding trait is the ability to overcome obstacles.

Ref: Parkers Astrology New Edition (Julia & Derek Parker)