A few months back we featured an article on Tea Leaf readings, and in response one of our client’s – Joan, has written to us with a poem of her own on the topic, titled ‘The Tease’.

Joan is a mystic and started reading the leaves as early as 1963, events predicted around that time convinced Joan of the validity of what she saw in the leaves and she has not looked back since.

We love it when a client writes to us, and it is great to be able to share her poem with all of you, by way of thanks we will write to Joan to give her a free 10 minute reading.

The Tease

Tea leaf reading is quite an art

I did not realise at the start

That by studying my own leaves

I would attract ‘strange powers’ that teased

The tea-leaves gave me quite a stir

They made me look like an exceptional girl

They showed me this, they showed me that

I never questioned any of it

I lapped it all up, like a thirsty old cat


A clapperboard was shown to me

And I thought, oh bully for me

I’m going into films or something akin

Boy oh boy, had I a thick skin

The Pope along with other high society folk

were shown to me

And I thought soon -

that high society would have something

to do with me…


How the ‘tea-leaf-powers’

Must have laughed at me

As they showed their master pieces

Through the leaves to me

They must have split their sides

When they showed, a ‘medieval-bloke’

In an ‘executioner’s cloak’

His face displayed great glee

As he swung an axe, in the home area

Chopping down a curtain call


Although the leaves played a hoax on me, I did receive a little recognition

Over some letters, that I did send out to ‘certain’ status society members!