stop watchesPremium Rate Calls – those starting with 0906 11 are changing…


Premium rate calls are changing (those paid for via your telephone bill); they can now last for 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes.


We know it’s good to talk, but so you don’t get carried away we have put some measures in place to help you:


  • At 10 minutes – You will hear a warning advising you that you are 10 minutes in to the call.


  • At 20 minutes – You will need to positively confirm that you wish to continue the call (by pressing any number on the phone).


  • At 30 minutes – The call will automatically terminate.


The beauty of a premium rate call – is that you are in charge! Keep talking/listening until you have your answers and then hang up…


0906 calls still cost only £1.50 per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. If you still have more to find out after the 30 minutes is up, then you can ring back.


If you like the flexibility of shorter call lengths but would be happy to pay by debit/credit card, then you may want to consider our Pre-Pay service: Where you can buy bundles of minutes to use at your leisure – calls can last from as little as 5 minutes, to as long as 110 minutes to suit you. 10% bonus minutes are also offered on £60+ spends.