shutterstock_212136709Before you have a reading, you may be interested to know the difference between: Spirit Guides, Angels, Elders and your higher-self as I see things:

SPIRIT GUIDES:  These are people that have passed away. This could be your grandparents, relatives, friends or whoever is watching over you. You may just have one Spirit Guide around you or several. It all depends on what’s going on in your life. It could be that your grandmother is guiding your love life. Your sibling is guiding your career and so on. I can pass on valuable messages from your Spirit Guides that will help you in the journey of your life. You may want to send messages to them, and equally I can do that for you – with pleasure.

ANGELS:  Angels are here for healing and directing you in the right path of life. I find them quite magical; the way that they come and sprinkle good luck and healing to people. They can come when you call them. Calling them can be done via praying, spell rituals, Mediumship or they can come when you don’t even know they are around you, although sometimes you might sense them! I have noticed Angels don’t go to everybody, they know when to come and when not to come.

ELDERS:  Elders are in charge of your life, the purpose of your destiny and what you are here to learn during your journey. You may pass the tests they have given you or you may not pass your tests. This is where I can make contact with them and analyse the tests you are going through in your life. You may want to ask your Elders specific questions, and I can facilitate that happening.

HIGHER-SELF: Your higher-self is the real you. Right now, you are actually asleep. You will wake up when you pass over. All the tests you are going through right now, all the pain you are going through, the money you have in your pocket, the things you are achieving, your daily lifestyle is all being conducted from your higher-self. The real you (your higher-self) is in the light. You are in a human body, living on the Earth realm but you know that one day, you will wake up in the light, your real home and you will be speaking to your Elders about the achievements in the journey of your life.


Where you are living right now isn’t your real home. I live up in the mountains of Cyprus with my animal kingdom but it’s not my real home either. Our real home is in the afterlife. Have you ever wondered what your real home looks like?

With the art of mediumship and remote viewing, I can tell you where you will be going to once you leave this Universe:

I can tell you who will be there waiting for you.

I can tell you what you will be doing over there.

The Earth realm is only a reflection of what is over there.

I have astral travelled and seen many beautiful planes of existence.