Tea Cup, Tea Leaf ReadingThere is no doubt that our fondness for the tea bag has made tea leaf reading or Tasseomancy fall out of favour. But if you want to improve your divination skills then it is a great place to start. You just need some proper loose tea leaves…It goes without saying that it is better to buy a tea that you like the flavour of – but some work really well such as Earl Grey, Oolong, Assam etc. as they have leaves of different sizes that is better for making shapes. Teas such as Jasmine will not work due to containing petals rather than leaves and the same goes for fruit or herbal teas.

Then choose a teapot and a cup & saucer, the cup needs a rounded bowl so that the tea can swirl around the cup and the leaves can stick. It should be a plain cup & saucer so that you can clearly see the pattern the leaves create. The cup should have a handle, and the teapot should not contain a straining element.

Make the tea as you normally would, tradition says that you only read the leaves of the first cup poured and that the tea should be drunk before the leaves are interpreted. The question should be thought about whilst the tea is being consumed. A small amount of tea left over in the cup is fine, rotate the cup in a counter clockwise direction (using your non-dominant hand), and then turn it upside down to drain on the saucer for thirty seconds. Once any residual liquid has drained turn the cup over and then you can start reading the leaves.

It can take many years of experience and practise to immediately see shapes in tea leaf reading, go with your instincts, be patient and your intuition will guide you. Occasionally no discernible patterns will arise, in which case it is not the right time for a reading and you can try again later.

It is possible with tea leaf reading to put a time frame on interpretations. The cup is split in to three sections. Patterns occurring in the upper third of the cup or the rim are the immediate present up to a few days. The middle section of the bowl covers the next few weeks and lastly the base of the cup and the lower third of the bowl governs between two and four weeks in the future.

Earlier on I mentioned that the cup must have a handle and this is because it also helps with the reading. An event that is happening to the person or shows an aspect of their character will show near the handle. Patterns that appear to the left of the handle concern the past and those to the right of the handle concern the future. Read the leaves in a clockwise direction starting from the left of the handle.

There are many shapes that can occur in the leaves and the nature of the question will help you to interpret their meaning. But here are some general meanings of popular shapes:

Face: New people should come in to your life

Star: A dream should come true

Comet: Increased prestige for you

Sun: Happiness and radiance for you

Clouds: You will experience some temporary problems

Dog: You may need to take more exercise

Dashes: You will be very busy – possibly moving from place to place

Cat: Good luck is on its way

Flock of Birds: You may travel or have visitors from abroad

Full Moon: You must say goodbye to something, but something new will take its place

Tree: You need to feel more grounded

Scissors: You must cut something from your life

New Moon: You need a fresh approach

Heart: There could be new romance on the horizon – also spend more time with those you love

Wine Glass: You will soon be celebrating

Lightening: A shock will occur

Bridge: You need to make peace with someone

Ladder: Normally relates to career/business – you are making progress

Hand: You will meet someone new

Chain: You need to strengthen the bond between you and your partner

Question Mark: You are puzzled about something in life

Interlinking Rings: Some form of union will take place

Owl: You need to be careful about who your trust

Mushroom: Something in your life needs time to develop

House: You need to devote more time to family and home

Other common symbols are: Angel, Bee, Butterfly, Bowl, Cross, Currency Symbol, Exclamation Mark, Plus Sign, Sheep, Flour Leaf Clover and many more…

Ref: The Fortune Tellers Bible, by Jane Struthers