shutterstock_142746055If you are looking for an unusual holiday this summer then why not think about booking a haunted weekend away?

Whether you’re an open sceptic or true believer, haunted holidays can be a great way to experience the thrill of the paranormal!

Recent findings by YouGov revealed that 52% of people polled in the UK stated they believed in the supernatural, and 1 in 5 had had a paranormal experience, so it’s no surprise that people are now using their holidays to seek out the living dead.

Whether you’re looking for a ghost tours or a hotel with a difference, haunted holidays offer tourists the opportunity to come face to face with spirits or simply listen to a few ghostly tales. While some tourists book a haunted weekend on a whim, some enthusiasts take the opportunity to design entire trips visiting different haunted locations.

The spook factor on a haunted holiday depends on the type of trip you are looking for. Some companies offer haunted weekends away in some of the most haunted hotels, castles and inns that the UK has to offer, while some give you the chance to join an organised paranormal investigation team. These ‘ghost hunting’ parties may record evidence of paranormal activity using electronic equipment, making observations using EMF Meters, night vision cameras and audio recorders.

Recent TV shows such as ‘Most Haunted,’ ‘Ghost Hunters’ and ‘Paranormal Witness’ have all captured audience’s interest through their portrayals of ghostly activity, meaning demand has never been stronger for the paranormal, and haunted holidays allow visitors to find some sense of evidence that these things really do exist.

For those spellbound by the supernatural, there are numerous locations around the UK that can feed your imagination.

While most cities offer ghost tours to guide visitors around it’s top haunted hotspots, there are some locations where ghost tourism is incredibly popular. We reported last year that Scottish cities Glasgow and Edinburgh had topped the list as the most haunted in the UK, with 38% of the population claiming to have seen a ghost. While many people believe that ghosts can be spotted from anywhere, these notorious locations are the best place to start if you’re looking for a ghostly night away. You can find numerous different types of haunted holidays from a break in a luxurious hotel with a twist of the paranormal thrown in, or a supernatural tour, combined with a night of séances.

Whether you’re a budding ghost hunter or are just looking to experience something strange and inexplicable, haunted holidays make for a unique and unusual getaway this summer.

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