Summer Solstice is upon us, and this week marks a very important time for our planet and its relationship with the sun.

The celebration is set to peak tomorrow (June 21st) on the longest day of the year. Nearly every culture has important traditions and rituals as solstice approaches, but its spiritual significance has remained the same for thousands of years.


Ancient cultures recognised the significance of this day with community bonfires, feasts, and rituals of love, all in celebration of the sun, crops and the natural world. In some pagan tribes, men would dance and leap over bonfires in order to portray their courage and strength to attract a new partner.

Modern celebrations

Although we live in a very different world, modern day traditions still reflect our connection with nature and mother earth. Each year thousands of revellers use the solstice to visit ancient religious sites such as Stonehenge, to be a witness to the rising sun on the first morning of summer. Other pagans hold smaller ceremonies to preserve their beliefs by holding gatherings, festivals and feasts.

Whether or not you are akin to such beliefs, summer solstice is simply a great time to reflect and tune in to your spiritual side.

Embrace the Solstice

The Summer Solstice brings about significant amounts of change, both for nature and for humankind here on earth. Use this time to attune yourself to the natural rhythms of nature, by being more receptive to the vibrational changes that may occur.

Assess your needs, desires and aspirations, and clear any barriers that stand between you and your goals. Embracing the changes of the solstice will open your subconscious up to new possibilities and potential.

For those attuned to their psychic abilities, the powerful energies of the solstice can open up new gateways in psychic development and perception. By preparing for the solstice you can really reap the benefits of the longest day.

We suggest meditation, as it can be extremely powerful at this time of year. You could try meditating outside at midday, when the sun is directly overhead to cultivate your natural abilities. Allow all of your awareness to embrace the stillness and silence of the earth and absorb the energy of the midsummer sun.

However you decide to celebrate the summer solstice this year, make sure you take the time to celebrate the natural positive energy you will be feeling at this time!

Timings for Summer Solstice at Stonehenge


19.00 hours (7pm) Friday 20 June


19.00 hours (7pm) Friday 20 June


06.00 hours (6am) Saturday 21 June


08.00 hours (8am) Saturday 21 June


12.00 hours (12 Noon) Saturday 21 June

Sunset and Sunrise

Sunset and sunrise occur at the following times:

Sunset on Friday 20 June 2014 is at 21:26 hrs. (9.26pm)

Sunrise on Saturday 21 June 2014 is at 04:52 hrs. (4.52am)