Adventurous, energetic, and resourceful, those with the Life Path 5 can count themselves as ‘The Seller.’

If Your Birthday Adds to a 5, for example: June 4th, 1975

4, 6, 1975

4+6+1975= 1985

1+9+8+3= 23

2+3= 5

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 5

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous post ‘introduction to numerology’).


Sellers seek adventure and freedom more so than anything in life. Change is the key to a seller’s personality, as they love travel, variety, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. Fives are always on the move, whether it be mentally or physically, and they can become unhappy and bored if they are held down for too long. They are adaptable and quick-witted, and love competition. Their main goal in life is to gain freedom and achieve success, and for this reason, fives can be extremely successful in anything they do.

Fives thrive off meeting new people and value the freedom and welfare of others. They are often popular characters for their good sense of humour and enthusiasm to motivate those around them.

The danger for this number is that they can too easily lead a ‘wild child’ lifestyle. They lack caution, discipline and patience, which can lead to a lack of direction in their life.


Fives are thought to be the most sensuous of all the Life Path numbers and are not short of potential partners to choose from. They are compassionate and loyal, and once a five is settled down they will be faithful and devoted to their chosen partner.

Saying this, freedom is integral in fives relationships, and once they start to feel smothered or trapped, it can be hard for them to stay committed.

People with a 5 Life Path can find compatibility with Life Paths 1 or 8, who will offer them some control and leadership or another 5, who would make a passionate, fun match.


The sky truly is the limit for a five’s career. As the name ‘seller’ suggests, fives make great sales people, and could find success in any career that involves communication as long as they are prepared to stay focused and disciplined.

Careers that involve travel are greatly suited to fives as they can become distracted and restless in a mundane, repetitive work environment. Fives have a way with words and have a unique ability to motivate others, making them great managers. They should aim for careers in photography, sales, advertising, promotion or travel.

Famous 5’s

You may be able to identify a few ‘wild child’s’ in our list of famous fives, as well as couples who have found true happiness and compatibility in their shared life path number. These famous fives are free spirits and have cultivated the ability to earn a living, inspire others and attain success:

•           Beyoncé Knowles (4 September, 1981) and Jay-Z (4 December, 1969)

•           Angelina Jolie – 4 June, 1975

•           Steven Spielberg – 18 December, 1946

•           Mick Jagger – 26 July, 1943

•           George Michael – 25 June, 1963

•           J. K Rowling – 31 July 1965

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