Edinburgh CityA study for TV channel Really’s show Paranormal Witness has revealed that Scottish cities Edinburgh and Glasgow top the list of the most haunted in the UK.

For a while Scotland has been proclaimed one of the most haunted countries on Earth, with 38% of the population claiming to have seen a ghost. The Celtic countries dark skies, darker history, old towns and ancient folklore all contribute to the bubbling cauldron of rumours and whisperings.

The report revealed that over the last 25 years there have been 375 sightings in Edinburgh and 350 in Glasgow. Christian Jensen Romer, who conducted the study for Paranormal Witness used archives, websites, clippings and his own reports to compile the report. The study found that women are more likely to experience encounters with the paranormal. The study also revealed three different kinds of sightings including:

  • Sightings of poltergeists
  • Apparitions of those who have passed on
  • Cases of ‘sight’ where people had premonitions or prophetic dreams

They also include seeing loved ones who are far away at the time of the sighting. Talking about the findings, Christian stated: ‘It’s important to note that most people who see ghosts never have any bad experiences. The Paranormal Witness Report for Really shows that we are a nation rich in spooky sightings and strange phenomena, and these things can happen to any of us at any time. Over the last 25 years, women appear to have been more susceptible to these experiences than men and some cities seem to have been reporting far more of their share’.

Scotland seems to be a hotbed for paranormal activity, with locations such as Edinburgh Castle, The Edinburgh Vaults, Mary Kings Close, The Arches (Glasgow) and Birkwood Castle being some of the cities most haunted hotspots.

The study revealed that home of Robin Hood, Nottingham was the third on the spooky list with 300 reported paranormal sightings in the last 25 years, followed by Derby with 180 and Swansea with 155.

Glasgow CityThe top place for spotting ghosts was bedrooms, with more than a third (36%) seen there, followed by the living room where a fifth (20%) of paranormal activity was experienced, then the back garden (10%) and the bathroom (5%).

Sightings were reported to be equally divided between the day and during the night, however the findings did distinguish that they were reported to happen more frequently between the hours of 5pm and 6pm and 9pm and 10pm

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