half timbered houseSelling a house is one of the most expensive, stressful events of our lives so why take chances? Have you considered how the energy in your home is affecting how people experience your home? Well take a closer look at the negative energy your home is exhibiting, because more and more homeowners are now using psychic’s services to cleanse their homes before selling them. From ridding properties of ghosts to lifting the “energy” of a home, buyers and sellers are increasingly looking for some spiritual intervention.

According to The Daily Telegraph, South Australian Psychic of the Year 2013 Barry Gray said home buyers often enlisted his help after moving in and finding that “something doesn’t feel right”.

“It’s often children, the younger members of the family, who might say `I saw a woman in my room’ just after their family has moved into a house,” he said.

“Other times, its people saying they feel like they are being watched or a room feels cold or just not right.”

Just like us humans, our houses can store unwanted emotions or energy which accumulates just as easily as dust or cobwebs. When people sell their houses they spend huge amounts of time preparing their home aesthetically for the market, however they often forget to think about the unwanted, negative energy stored in the home itself. This energy can make people feel very uncomfortable. Have you ever walked into a room and felt uneasy, or like you shouldn’t be there? Spiritual cleansing removes this unwanted energy, healing the home until it becomes increasingly welcoming and harmonious.

With TV programmes such as Most Haunted and Ghost Whisperer, people are becoming more aware of how negative spiritual energy can affect us, and our homes. Buyers want to know that they are going to feel comfortable and at ease in their new house, and not like they are being watched by an unwanted presence.

If you decide to use a psychics services before selling your home, there are several important steps you must take to ensure your home is properly prepared. Thoroughly clear out and clean your house, ridding it of junk and unnecessary items. Most of the time spiritual activity centres on a disorganised location, so de-clutter from top to bottom – attic to cellar, ceiling to floor.

Whether you are selling or buying a house, and feel there is something unhealthy or not quite right about it, then consider spiritual cleansing. With restored peace of mind, you can literally say out with the old energy and in with the new!