fieldDowsing is a psychic technique used to find lost or hidden objects by tapping into their energy fields. Used for several generations, dowsing has been used to locate everything from lost jewellery to underground water sources.

In previous centuries, dowsing was declared to be a practise of evil, and the moving of dowsing tools was thought to be the work of the devil. Sceptics concluded that dowsing was simply a superstitious performance due to the fact that the process was mainly made up of paranormal and extrasensory techniques. For this reason, dowsing can also be referred to as ‘water witching’. Despite the scepticism, dowsing has collected some well-known practitioners throughout the years including Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Uri Geller.

Similar to several other psychic techniques, dowsers believe that anyone has the ability to dowse, but may not be open minded or practised enough to tap into their capability. However once you have learnt the basics to dowsing, you are already on the road to becoming a competent dowser. Practise the technique as much as you can and become confident in your gift.

So how exactly does dowsing work? Well there are several methods of dowsing that you can use. Some dowsers simply use their hands, while others may use tools such as rods, maps or a pendulum.

The most popular technique uses a small y shaped stick. The dowser walks little by little, holding the stick parallel to the ground. Using their psychic ability they focus their energies on what it is they are trying to locate. The tool may then begin to vibrate, shake or start to get drawn down when the dowser passes over the object, revealing its location.

Dowsing using a pendulum follows a similar method. The dowser usually holds the pendulum in their receptive hand (your left hand if you are normally right handed and vice versa) and the pendulum will begin to swing when the dowser is near the hidden object.  A pendulum can also be used to find a target area over a map.

Believe it or not, the technique of dowsing is even used by the police, the military and modern companies to find water, oil, archaeological artefacts and even missing people. Modern dowsing rods have been marketed towards the military to detect explosive devices and drugs. The rods have been praised as a critical part of some countries efforts to combat drug traffickers.

Dowsing is just another of the many useful psychic methods used in modern life. If you would like to know more about it or unlock your psychic ability then don’t hesitate to contact Best Mediums today.