List of numbersNumerology is the term which is given to the analysis of the perceived relationship between certain numbers and events which are believed to be correlated. These relationships between numbers and events are believed to be mystical and controlled by a divine power.

Numerology as an idea is not a new concept; in fact it is a practice that spans back over many hundreds and even thousands of years. One notable historical figure in particular, Pythagoras, the great Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician was amongst the early adopters of Numerology systems. He professed that because of the solid structure of mathematical concepts, in which you are able to group and qualify elements and distinguish them from each other, that mathematical concepts such as numerology were the most relevant in developing our understanding of the world, particularly in respect to unravelling the divine relationships between events and their cause, i.e. in this case numbers.  In fact, many early mathematicians used numerology frequently and it was only in later years that it was regarded as part of mathematics.

In part, Numerology had been prevented from becoming more mainstream in its adaptation due to the fact that the strong Christian authority in the age of the Roman Empire, led to it being dismissed as evil and an unapproved belief, which was the same fate suffered also by astrology. However, regardless of this, the significance of certain numbers from a religious perspective remained commonplace and in some groups are still observed even to this day. One such example of this is the “Jesus Number”. This is the number 888 which is thought to represent Jesus, or to be more specific, in some cases “Christ the Redeemer”. Commonly, this relationship is based on gemetria, (a Jewish system for applying a numerical representation to a word), in which the Greek translation of “Jesus” is said to form the number 888. Also, it is said to oppose 666, which is the “number of the beast”. Interestingly, the same number, 888, in Chinese culture is also regarded as highly significant, with a meaning of triple fortune, which is said to bring good luck. For this reason, private number plates, telephone numbers and so on containing these digits are highly sought after.

The common theme throughout this, is that the system of Numerology dictates that because of the significance of the relationships between certain numbers and specific events, that when these numbers are present in one’s life, the events to coincide with them are already defined by the numbers and that will dictate the impact on that person’s life, or rather, how those events will come into realisation for that person.

The study of Numerology today and the systems used within it, are the culmination of many different faiths and spiritual groups over thousands of years; elements of which pulled together to provide these systems of Numerology. This is based on elements of Viking Runes, Tarot, I-ching, Pythagorean systems and many more.

Whilst the same number can be interpreted differently by varying belief systems, the consistent element of numerology is the regard for the significance between a number and coinciding events. Some people use the numbers to read into what their life has in store, good or bad, whilst others try to actively bring those numbers which are associated with positive events into their lives, in order to bring around good fortune.

In your life have you experienced a significant relationship between certain numbers and events? We would love to hear about it. As mentioned, there are no set definitions for specific numbers and their meanings can differ between faiths and even individuals.