Happy Mother's DayThe maternal bond is the physical, emotional and loving bond between child and mother. It is the natural instinct for mothers to protect and care for their children. Mother’s day is an occasion where the child can honour their mothers love, support and guidance. Obviously this is something we should always do but the modern celebration of Mothers Day wasn’t invented until 1907. It was Anna Jarvis from West Virginia who held a memorial 2 years after her mother’s death and then began a campaign to make “Mothers Day” a recognised holiday in the US. She was successful in 1914 when it was recognised as a national holiday.  However by the 1920’s she was greatly saddened to see that commercialisation had taken over the holiday and was over shadowing its spirit. Mother’s Day was soon adopted around the world. In the US the date of Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May. In the UK the holiday is also commonly known as Mothering Sunday which is a Christian holiday celebrated on the 4th Sunday of lent. Many other countries around the world celebrate Mothers day on different dates around the year.

All of these celebrations have one theme in common; they are a chance for children to honour their mothers. Anna Jarvis wanted to make it clear that Mothers Day was not meant to be interpreted as a day for celebrating all mothers but that “Mother’s” should be interpreted as a singular possessive. Each family and child should honour and celebrate their own mother. It is traditional in the UK to give cards and flowers on mother’s day; more flowers are sold on this day than Valentine’s Day in the UK. Many children also put effort in to making kind gestures. This can be anything from doing all of the chores and cleaning for the day to, taking their mothers out for a meal.

As we spoke about in our Valentine’s Day blog post, it is not important that you buy your mother the biggest bunch of flowers or an expensive present. What she will really love is that you show your appreciation for everything that she has done for you and say thank you. Mother’s Day is a special day for families to; grandparents and fathers are also involved with their mothers being the centre of attention. As Mothering Sunday is only a couple of more days away then it is important that you think about what you will do for your mother, ensure that she has a nice relaxing day and that you show her your love and appreciation.