Meditating WomanDid 2012 feel like you steamed through the year without stopping for a minute to understand your inner path? Spirituality is an important part of being human, often a difficult concept to understand as it encompasses the immaterial world and requires us to understand the essence of who we are and the values by which we live our lives. Taking time to become more spiritual by exploring our minds and understanding our lives can help us have a more inspired appreciation for the universe.  As we have said it is a difficult concept to understand for some people and even more difficult to follow in practice. Because of this we have a few tips which you can incorporate in to your life in 2013 to help you become more spiritual.

The first tip is to make more time in your life, if you have a busy work or home life or just feel like you have to be doing something every minute of the day to keep busy, then stop! In the same way you plan to meet friends or go to the gym, ensure you make time in your week to just do nothing. Most people feel watching TV is doing nothing but the next tip is to be quiet. With the time you make for yourself ensure that you do absolutely nothing for an hour or so, go for a walk in the park or just find a quiet room and get comfortable and relax, which ever works best for you. This may seem like a very simple thing to do but you will be surprised how little time most people spend doing it. If you are sitting down then close your eyes and explore your thoughts, inspiration often comes from quiet contemplation.

From day to day you should also live in gratitude; again this may be difficult as many people just take everything in their lives for granted. Some people may also feel that they have very little to be grateful for, but we all have those little moments in the day where either sheer luck or human kindness should make us stop, think and be grateful. On the other side of living in gratitude you should also learn to forgive, not everyone in life behaves as we expect but try to take a step back, see it in context and forgive. If you have a short temper then this may be a particular challenge but you will find yourself becoming more relaxed and peaceful the more you learn to forgive.

The next tip is to open your mind, this sounds like an internal process but it is as much a part of opening your eyes too. Look for opportunities and new experiences and have the courage to try them, spirituality is an expansion of the mind and by experiencing new things we will also be expanding the capacity of your mind. Finally you should surrender, this means letting go of all barriers which we put up ourselves to protect us but also shield us from those new experiences. Go with the flow is a great expression to help understand this, having followed all of the other tips your mind should be so relaxed and open that going with the flow should come easy.

By starting to follow these tips you will be able to understand yourself better, this is a big part of becoming more spiritual as we experience higher levels of inspiration and define a clear direction in our lives.