ClockPRE-PAY and be in control of your reading, no need to speak to a Receptionist, safe quick transaction, top up your account no matter what the time of day – 365 days a year. FREE Minutes are available when you top up 40 minutes or more. Then select your reader and decide how long you want to talk!

Best Mediums now has a brand new service to offer its customer called Pre-Pay, customers can purchase minutes in advance that can then be used to pay for our psychic and medium telephone reading services. It is very flexible and allows you to plan your time with our psychics and mediums in advance. The pre-pay service is available 24/7 365 days a year and is completely secure; you will receive a PIN and account number. You will then be prompted for your details after calling the account number and can key in your details using your telephone keypad. Each time you call you will be advised how many minutes you have remaining and can either top up your minutes or be connected to a reader.

Our normal credit card reading service has a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes, with our new prepay service you can be in total control of the call length. You can call for just 5 minutes or a maximum of 110 minutes, you can use your minutes how you choose.

The cost of the service is the usual £1.50 per minute but when you buy 40 minutes or more you will receive a gift of 10% bonus minutes:

20 minutes = £30
40 minutes = £60 – You will actually receive 44 minutes.
60 minutes = £90 – You will actually receive 66 minutes
100 minutes = £150 – You will actually receive 110 minutes.

We are very excited about this new service we are offering and we hope it will help our customers get the most out of their psychic and medium readings. To sign up please go to: for more information on the service visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page: